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Powle's rise to power (a quest for those hugry for adventures)


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long version (recomended because i put a lot of work into writing it and it's more interesting that way)


The christmass holidays brought many great things for all the people of MD. One such thing was the misterious drop of viscosity all over the realm. As a person who loves adventures i used that to wander all around the world to visit locations i haven't seen before and those that are normally hard to reach. On these travels i found myself standing inside the drachorn cave in Golemus Golemicarum. I'm a person who deply respects nature and love all the creatures that live in our world, so it really hurt me to see the great Drachorn being bound by chains inside his very own cave. I decided that i can not let such a magnificent creature suffer a fate so horrible and tried to free him. Sadly i didn't have the power to save him on that day, so he remains bound by chains to this very day. I realised then that i need more power to help me save him. There are many ways to gain power in the MD lands, and one of them is by gaining fame and recognition from others. If a person you know nothing about tries to rise to power you will most likely think something like: who does this guy think he is? But if it is a person you know and respect asks for your support in a movement like "free the drachorn" you will be much more likely to offer help and support. You will be thinking something like: "hey i know this guy, he gave me a really nice creature as a reward for completing a very interesting quest!" With this purpouse in mind i decided to make a quest for the newer members of our society (mp3 and fresh mp4). It will be a race to travel around our realm to different (often remote) locations in search of answers to all kinds of questions that i have prepaired for you. Every participant that completes the quest will be awarded 1 silver coin (sponsored by TK) and the first person to provide all the corect answers will win a creature from my personal colection. It is a very old creture that i acuired many years ago in my homeland (Loreroot) it has been my trusted companion for a long time and i couldn't bring myself to sacrafice it at an altar - it deserves something better something like a chance to help a new adventurer on his path. It's a great chance for those of you that have not yet beaten the guardians of my land to get your hands on such a creature (more rewards have been sponsored, see below). I will not however outright ban older (mp5) players from the competition, but i warn you that one of the questions might prove imposible for you to answer, also in the event that a mp5 wins he or she will NOT get the creature but instead will get another silver coin from my inventory and the creature goes to the second best. In the case of a mp4 player winning he will be given the choice between getting the creature or getting a silver coin (and the creature reward goes once again to the second in line). I hope to see many of you seize this oportunity for a great adveture and maybe, if you share my beliefs or if i gain a little respect in your eyes, you can join my movement and together we will help the drachorn reclain his freedom so he can once again roam the skies as he deserves (or at least get some rest without those nasty chains). The race will start at GoE (gazebo of equilibrium) on day 12.1.2014 at 20:00 server time. There and then i will give you all the instructions you will need. Welcome and good luck :)


short version (for those too lazy too read the whole story):


what? -a quest (race)

for who? -designed for newer players, but older players can participate too if they so desire

when? -12.1.2014 at 20:00 st and again at 21:00 st if anyone can't make it at 20:00

where? -GoE

how? -get the question, find the answers, send the answers to me

reward? -1sc (sponsored by TK) and 1 spicy pickle  (sponsored by Syrian) for everyone that finishes

-a knator (with lots of age and stored heat) for the 1st to finish

-a creature (sponsored by lashtal) for 2nd place

-a lightly tokened imperial aramor (sponsored by Rophs) for 3rd place

-acousticremains and earfocus stones (sponsored by dst) and a toadspek stone and a teleporttopapercabin stone (sponsored by Dark Demon) for 4th place



P.S. i decided to run this quest on 12.1. because it's day of tranquility (that means no fighting all day for those of you who don't know it yet) so you'll have nothing better to do anyway mwahahahahahahaha


edit 1: added the newly sponsored rewards (thank you all)

edit 2: some more details on rewards

edit 3: start changed from 21:00 to 20:00 (because of MD awards ceremony)

edit 4: changed rewards because only 4 people participated.

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Since there are only sponsors so far, I'll be the first to enlist in the race? :P


Edit: I would also like to know what isn't allowed in this quest/race. Things like spells and such... the ones that give advantages. Is it a Waky Racers type of race, or one which doesn't allow devious contraptions? :P

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to everyone that offered sponsorship: Thank you very much i really apreciate your generosity.

to Ashtir: the only thing i don't want to see in this race is someone getting the answers with one account and then sending them from all his alts too to get aditional rewards. Buying the item from MD shop that shortens your regeneration time to move thru remote locations faster or something like that is fine with me. Using spells to slow down you oponents is also permited but try to keep in mind that this is primarly designed for the new players so let them at least have a chance of getting some nice rewards please :D (also older players allready have the advantage of knowing more stuff without even having to travel to a certain location to confirm it)

to Nimrodel: you are welcome to join the race and if you decide to not take the reward it will go to the next in line. Sponsorhip is allways welcome i don't see a problem with you participating and sponsoring at the same time.

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The race Will start at 20:00 instead of 21:00 so you can still go to MD awards ceremony even if you participate. 


After thinking about it for a long time i decided to give out questions both at 20:00 and 21:00 (only for a few minutes each time and not all the time in between) in case anyone missed the changed hour or can't log in at 20:00 for some reason. you will get the questions via PM (in game) instead of posting it on my coments on self as i originaly planed. i will write down the time when you started and time when you send the answers then after i get the answers from everybody i sent the questions to i will calculate how long each person needed to finish and post the winners (in here as well as in my coments on self)

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P.S. i decided to run this quest on 12.1. because it's day of tranquility (that means no fighting all day for those of you who don't know it yet) so you'll have nothing better to do anyway mwahahahahahahaha


that is true..count me in.

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ok we got the results for the first three players to finish :D

1st place goes to Yertle 

2nd place is Asthir

3rd place is TheRichMerchant

Igmar Flamebeard gets the 4th place when he sends his answers (i am still waiting)


the rewards will be changed slightly because there is no 5th place (only 4 participated) making first three get creature rewards and fourth gets the stuff ment for 2nd as well as that for 4th place. There are also a few things nimrodel added that i still have to distribute between them. Each of them also gets 1sc and a spicy pickle :)

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