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Acoustic Remains Issues

Kyphis the Bard

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Browser FF 26.0; OS Windows 7.


I have been getting this issue for a long time (about six months), and a few other people have mentioned it. I've been trying to figure out what causes it, but I have had zero luck.


For some reason, when casting acousticremains, it commonly fails to launch the popup window. It consumes heat and spell casts, as well as reporting it as successful in chat, but the window doesn't turn up. Casting the spell multiple times often gets it to work, this is with doing nothing but releasing heat from the erolin device and typing in chat, no other changes are made or programs running in the background changed. Waiting for extended periods of time also does nothing.


Any clues as to how to fix this? It's driving me mad, and I don't really need to go further down that rabbit hole.

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Chew maybe with a small javascript code  it could open in a new tab instead of a pop up. The browser will still probably ask permission but at least will be more visible than pop ups message.

Browsers are also finicky about loading tabs as they are with popups.

It seems very non-deterministic, and I havent been able to reproduce this error...
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I am about 70% sure I know how to repeat the bug.


  1. Cast acousticremains, it should work the first time
  2. Close out of the popup opened by acousticremains
  3. Cast acousticremains again, it should NOT work
  4. Refresh the tab with layout.php open in it
  5. Cast acousticremains again, it should work
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