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9th Birthday Quest - The Birthday Cake


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The voting period has ended.


As of ~ Day: 116 Year: 9 ~ ST 21:00, the results are:


1st - Kyphis (8 votes)

2nd - ChildOfTheSoul (5 votes)

3rd - AmberRune (3 votes)

4th - Rikstar (2 votes)


Congratulations to all! Rewards shall be announced soon (council approval pending :) )



The Birthday period is over, everyone. That means it's time to vote for the best cake! Thank you all for your entries and the work put into baking the cakes :)


Due to the neg-repping and Rikstar's late entry, I have decided to open up a poll so people can vote again in a more organised way. You're only allowed to vote for one cake as your favourite.


Links for the cakes:






Let the voting begin!



Hello everyone!


It’s birthday time! And in order to make the party even funnier, we the Caretakers are hosting a Birthday Cake Contest! Ready your recipes! Let your imagination principle go wild!


For this contest, you must bake a real cake (real as in RL) for MD’s birthday!


Rules: Photos of the entire cooking process (from the ingredients to the finished cake) must be taken with MD and your playername written somewhere on the photo (If you manage to have the letters on your cake, even better!) and posted here on this topic. The cake with most reputation “ups” win! (or we can open up a vote if you guys prefer).

There’s no restriction on the kind of cake you can bake and details you can put into it (you can go for one as big and fancy as a wedding cake – MD sure deserves it :D )!


Rewards: Rewards will be given based on # of participants and effort put into baking the cakes. This quest has council’s approval, so rewards should be fancy! Also, we’ll all be eating the winning cake (and the others too) during the birthday! Woot!


Deadline: Tuesday 22/04/2014 until 23:59 Server Time



Are you ready?

Let the baking begin!

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Due to poor planning* my cake collapsed when removed from the baking dish. Aside from that it went pretty well. Photos soon.

















The cake consists of, from bottom to top:

A 100% Vegan chocolate cake (hahaha, it may seem pointeless considering the other segments of cake, but it is seriously the most delicious thing I have ever tasted)

Homemade Honeycomb (softcrack)

Blackforest Cheesecake

Homemade Jam (mixed berries, mostly raspberry)

Cherries, to write out "9"

Cherry Sauce thickened to be a Jelly Glaze.


To accompany, my wife also made a 6 layer jelly (she actually made quite a few, one dish for everyone and the giant one to be hacked apart with the cake)


Between the five of us we consumed all but the last pieces in 30 minutes :P


Poor planning: I was using the pan my wife uses for cakes, instead of the dish that I normally use. I neglected to plan for getting the cake out of the dish after assembly, as my dish does not have any issues no matter the cake size. My wife just laughed at me when my mistake was realized. It was still delicious though.

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Interesting tactic CotS, neg voting all the other entrants?

It's an objectively sound strategy, but if he did that right before the scoring so that people wouldn't notice and potentially think poorly of him it would be much more successful.

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^^ this link contains all the images of my cake backing progress.


I've never made a cake before, but there were luckily some instructions on the baking supply. Also my master chefs, my mom and sister, helped me, when I was completely lost. I even discovered that those cooking tools aren't that hard to understand!

The cake tasted great!

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