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Problems with Spells not working

Assira the Black

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I guess it would be better to say that the spells do not appear to work. I tried the spells out on Syrian. When I casted the random ap one, we made sure to take note of the amount of ap she had and that her reg counter was not close to turning over. As for the luck, she checked her character profile there were no magical changes to her luck and the luck stat was the same as it always has been.


In the trigger box I did not see the spell say that it did something. I am not sure that when a spell is cast on someone else if the trigger box is suppose to show what was done to them with the castors spell. Little pop up boxes informed me when it consumed heat and how much action points it cost me.

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both the spells did appear in the trigger box, you just have to refresh after the spell has been cast to have it show up there, since i refreshed a few times to recheck my ap and luck stat, i saw triggers for both spells, with no changes to my ap or luck



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