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Bushie bugged?

Ary Endleg

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At Road of Battles there is bushie, it has been fully watered, it's fully grown and ready to be gathered except when you click "Complete - gather the results!" nothing happens. I know that like two and half days ago concussion watered that bushie and left it for somebody random to pick it up. It could be (not sure) that nobody did that and it was left for all this time. Could it be that leaving bushie for long time without picking it up would make it bugged?

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I will confirm this for the first time. I think that bushie should be deactivated for the time being until the bug is fixed. If this truly the second time its happen I don't think we can right it off as a glitch any more.

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This *is* the second time that bushie is bugged. I have watered it 4 times, in stacks of 10. 


Edit: other bushies seem to be fine, even watered in inequal amounts (odd or not). Its just that one bushie...

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