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What should the Tree Be called?


Tree Name  

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no sage for the win it is a magical tree and sage just fits it

go ppl who voted for sage like i did

it was a magical looking tree but i must admit we have agood bit of sanctuarys now if the tree will be inplemented as one it will make way to many but tat is my opinion

go sage

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Surely it would make more sense to name the trees on sage's path sage.

And between myself and sage (Who came up with the two names) we think it should be sage (name of the tree) And it should be a stevetree (Type of tree i.e. ash, oak etc) That way it could bear tiny stevefruits and all can rejoice!!

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Bob- too oftenly used because people think it's quaintly generic.

Sage- reminds me of the herb, and otherwise sounds too serious and lame (sagely tree of knowledge? Bah!)

Steve, I pick. Ho~ ohohohoho! Oho!

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How can you dare giving such a "common" name to a magical tree?

Why not just : magical or mystical / ancient / nameless / forgotten / all knowing / ... / tree

even : smart (ass) / weird /good looking / funny ... tree

bob? are you out of imagination ? are you out of your mind.

I cannot vote. The good name is not in the list.

Just pick one that fits in the game.

"Bob", ha, ha, ha

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LOL dst!

You have things mixed up here. All of the adjectives you named are the common ones. They're so archaic that it's lame. My English teachers tell me not to use them and those of their kind in my work because they're nondescript.

Bob is a name with character. It has euphony because it's short and definite, easy to say. It's also a very uncommon name in comparison with other names in modern times.. just think. How many people do you know who are named Bob? How about Robert, John, Steve, David, Andrew, Nick, ect?

Bob fits the game very well, in my opinion. It has a sort of lackadaisical and yet creative connotation; while the game may appear dark and realistic, there are aspects of it that aren't. Just look at the avatars with goofy smiles and think about going on a bizarre rampage attacking clowns.

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Oi. . . I know I said people think using "Bob" is humorous because it's supposed to be a generic name, but "magical tree"? It's even worse than Sage! D:< It fits with MD, sure, but that's going too far.

What taste. What bad taste, DST. I go for Steve.

Oh, and Glaistig, though you may say Bob sounds whimiscal, I say it's overused and ruined. (:<

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Well, there are lot's of jokes with bob in it, like 'a 10 feet room, with a treasure chest and bob guarding it', or 'and bob was tehre too', Bob is just a metaphore, for the common and thus unimportant and failling man. It's a nice way of making a situation lighter and funnier, but gets slapstick stupid real soon... So bob in this game is ... my kind of humor... lol....

That doesn't sound right does it?

And if you want something that is totally unarchaic, you should try using wonderfull neo and uber combinations.

Like 'the mirroring tree of inadequacy' (get it? har har? ... :( [insert verb] you, it's funny), or going with the flow, how about 'the enticer of itchings in unreachable places tree'. (if that wasn't funny, then you're dead on the inside... seriously, go to a doctor...I bet you kick puppies too, nasty brute.)

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      \   /
  V---(   )---V
      _/  \_
                   MY BUNNY IS BETTER THAN YOURS...........though a little over weight lol cause it ate 
your bunny empire and grew strong MB



lol shame on you glastig those were nice and cute puppies you kicked ..... meanie

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That makes me very sad.

I think someone else expressed this before, but naming it Sage would conflict with Sage Keep. I bet there is a tree or shrub by that keep. It would make my head hurt, honest.

Also, "sage" is only a tad bit better than "majestic" in terms of overuse. I prefer any of the other options in the poll to it. How horrible. Not to mention sage is an herb, too. It'd be like naming a tree an herb, you know?

EDIT: I do not kick puppies. To the contrary, they are the ones who grow to harass me.. always barking and chasing; when they're not trying to threaten me off their territory, they're trying to make me disgusted by their pouncing and saliva attacks. I dislike that type of dog worse than the adjective "sage".

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Lol... there is something wrong with us in so many ways...

Somehow we actually managed to get off track again and go way way offtopic... again...

To compensate for that we put in those measly overused yet mandatory words that have something to do with the topic...

Here are mine :(

I like bob more...

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It's a Frigan Tree... who cares!!!

Only because I don't like the names proposed.

My vote is for Warwick.

The tree is in the Path of Loneliness.

Loneliness associates with sadness.

Sadness associates with crying.

Crying is a synonym of weeping.

A weeping willow is a type of willow tree.

"Willow" was a 1988 fantasy film, titled for the protagonist, Willow Ufgood, a dwarf magician.

Willow Ufgood was played by actor Warwick Davis.

... then again I could add six more lines and argue that we should name the tree Kevin Bacon. :)

... whose middle name is Norwood, which might also be a good name for a tree...


Warwick Davis was in Willow with Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer was in Top Gun with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was in A Few Good Men with, yes, Kevin Bacon.

... so a full six lines would have been overkill.

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We shouldn't name a tree, especially not by a human name.

A tree doesn't care what name you give it, it only cares about the energy you exchange with it.

You can call it whatever you want, all I'm saying is: this naming of the tree is a thing you do for yourselves, not for it.

A tree is not a pet and you do not own naming rights on it. You shouldn't try to name something that doesn't belong to you, because it will be meaningless.

A tree already has a name, an ancient name, certainly not chosen by a mere mortal.

You can call it whatever you want though, it's the curse of man kind, always needing to label everything down.

I'm not saying you shouldn't name it after all, if a word will make it easier for you to channel love towards it.

But no matter what you call it, that tree will never actually be Bob or Dave or anything like any Bob or Dave on this earth.

Name it Bob if you will, but just because you named it that, don't expect the tree's name to actually be Bob.

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