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add wiiya to the seeds


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I think that 800 units in one place is a bit too much, so maybe it would be a good idea to distribute it. At the same time, going there for wiiya might ensure that MDA lands is more frequently visited, but...it all comes down to whether you have wiiya tools. 


Edit: Hmm, I kinda remember I wrote this. I was really tired back then :)

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Players will notice that a few locations will have Wiiya at them and might also find traces of Seedwalks in chat. They'll ask questions about these two things and when they find out about Seedwalks, Awiiya, etc it will help make MD a little more "real" to them. Wiiya removed from PCSR for parity reasons, prevent it from being odd-one-out of the locations with Wiiya.


tl;dr Small thematic change that will (hopefully) improve immersion.

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Ann. 3165 - [2014-10-24 18:09:37 - Stage 12] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett 
As part of Rophs role he has requested that wiiya be located and removed at a few locations. Rophs was given his official role after he played it so well and should be a good example of those trying to get roles. His role gives him the right to ask for these changes so they have been approved.

To all those trying to get roles, recognition and power you should remember the words from the RPC days "You are only given that which you already have".

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