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brain dump


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This wonderful waste of forum resources is me throwing out incomplete ideas, they might not be accurate, they might not be coherent, they will likely be nonsensical and very esoteric. Do you like research? Good luck, here be dragons.

  • snowball effect is like when principle of Entropy ever increases in our (real world) universe maybe the butterfly effect is somehow involved, so many things being similar and different (principle of Transposition)?
  • group spirit and Imagination: when people believe that something that isn't there is there it sortof becomes there e.g. Awiiya's seeds... and wiiya being at the seeds is Transposition of the group spirit's Imagination? same thing for occulty stuff like wicca and hermetics?
  • floating orbs and fenths: at MB and LR there are floating orbs that give you creatures, a fenth looks like a little orb. there's floating orbs at Field of Fear in NC, and some other place where kets, lib, and lifeline got a piece of it that grew into the gate leading east... did akasha use willpower to turn the piece of fenth and make it into the seed? did akasha 'will' LotE into existence? how did she do this(principles book...?) maybe Rophs can do the same thing for west? princple of Imagination, principle of ... light?
  • liquid dust and fenths? fenths can become everything is that LD too? maybe LD is ground up/melted fenths so what is drywater?
  • shades are made of liquid dust, shades opposite of angiens, drywater opposite of liquid dust, angiens = drywater? and angiens can be tainted which powers up nontainted angiens are there purified shades? there's normal shades and sword shades what's the difference between them? sword shade is a "soul" with no body and a weapon, empty aramor is body with no soul and weapon. combine shade + aramor to get golem? why did abra want to leave GG? at NC he can combine with shade? take totemed aramor and totemed shade and somehow mix them !!!SCIENCE!!! although probably no fire :( maybe use heat to fusion totems together? is there innermagic/outermagic spell that could help? gather aramors and shades, movelock/attacklock them so they don't fight/run and group spirit them make SUPER GOLEM?
  • we can travel between two places instantly, command creatures to do our bidding, we're pretty strong. maybe tiny men aren't so tiny. tiny men = normal people, and we = gods? but we have mp6 protector  who we worship... they are mindpower 6, mindpower 3 can't worhsip mp6 maybe cnsiousness levels? more consiousness levels even more mindpower = more consiousness? mp3 control creatures, 3 principles; mp4 control heat with elroin, stronger creatures, more principles, heat with elroin; mp5 control stronger creatures, more principles; mp6 control many spells, more heat with protectors; mp7 control illusions (our perception of ourselves and others?) what is mp8/mp9?
  • innermagic vs outermagic... outermagic is a memory, when you cast the sepll you use heat to make the memory stronger and make it apply to others, you movelock somebody and they think they can't move because they are experiencing the memory of not being able to move but they can still really move, but they think they can't move so they don't. outermagic doesn't change reality, it makes people think reality is different and causes them to act accordingly. outermagic uses principles of world to change world itself. seedwalk is like a group spirit using imaignation to make seeds exist but they don't exist yet.... but not outermagic or innermagic, somewhere in between? akasha used outermagic to create east? (hmm.. if somebody drew little saplings at the locations of the seeds and sent them to council what would happen?
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  • pieces of the inner sun: different pieces of us fit together to form our inner sun, we are conceived it is solid, but starts cracking into bits. we need to break it apart and put the pieces back together. Mur's different characters: Mur (real world), Muratus del Mur, Knator Commander, etc were him breaking apart the pieces so he could fit them together. inner sun in this sense is self identity and when you reassemble your inner sun and keep it intact you reach enlightenment? so when buddah left the palace for the first time the false inner sun he had been raised with shattered, he meditated for a long time and managed to pick up the pieces and put them back together, perhaps he was still missing pieces.... broken pattern puzzle.?
  • broken pattern puzzle is like

    snowball effect is like when principle of Entropy ever increases in our (real world) universe maybe the butterfly effect is somehow involved, so many things being similar and different (principle of Transposition)?
    click randomly get chaos, but make the right move, study the pieces, it all aligns properly, each person has inner sun... universe is sentient and have inner sun? planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies,ect....?
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No, each time you use it the memory gets more tainted and thus it changes bit by bit, in MD this bit by bit changes make spell unusable until reset, think of reset as in "returning to basics". IRL by performing some ability/technique more and more, this bit by bit changes would make possible improvement in it. I'm guessing that in MD, one already has knowledge of how to perform that spell perfectly (as in there isn't possible improvement), thus each bit-change only lowers the performance by tainting the memory of it. Don't look at me weirdly, to me it also seems strange to work like that but that's how I understand that game explanation on with spells and memory for limited casts. Bug Mur for more accurate explanation :P


MoC doesn't count, just as minotaurs don't count for maze citizens in your case. None of them are "real" players.

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Ackshan just said what I was going to say :p


Upgrading level is adding an expansion to it, another layer of complexity. There you also have power stat, which is additional force to it. In end you can perfectly perform basic and advanced level of spell.


Increasing number of casts would be higher resistance to taint due to clearer memory?

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  • 1 month later...
  • MB's fence is an edge between two faces of unfolded cube?
    • mb is a face
    • nml is a face
    • mb fence is straight like edge on cube
  • so then GG is to "left" of nml on cube, and LR is "above" gg? but then lr and mb are same face...?
  • look at position of Lake Green and wasp totem and compare it to position of wind's sanct and mb lake, if you fold map on itself to that mb is over lr they have same "relative place" together (as in tall thing is on one end of lake and lake has thing in middle..) but are right next to opposite edges of the face
  • path keeper also has five shells, almost like for talking into, and next to a 5 pointed star in a pentagon that if you picked it up would fit nicely on the table in the "meeting room" of GG cannon
  • cube has square faces, but MB and LR are both more rectangular, maybe a face was "torn in half" when cube was unfolding the halves now mb and lr
  • gg rose from sea after nc made right? but gg is like if you take nc and then mirror it on x axis then mirror on y axis...
  • isle of seclusion is like kelle-tha (round island steep cliffs)
  • lighthouse is like deathmarrow (beacon of light/darkness and rises higher than most things around it
  • for research perspective I consider "outer NC" to be part of nml but different than NML and more associated with nc but not "TRUE" nc
  • maybe nc and gg were also part of same face and got torn when wizards did experiment... they created NC but only unfolded part of the face so the missing face was just "left there in space" and had to reattach... so it went to other side of NML... but


i need to print out maps of MD and play with scissors...

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  • at the goe five paths go out
  • one path from each steps at GoE
  • pentagon's interior angles are 108 degrees ((so 3/5)*pi) radians..
  • five lines from point with equal angles between is 360/5 degrees each... so 72 degrees
  • earth is sphere, but making perfect map of it appear in square is impossible
  • md is unfolded cube, making perfect map of it to appear square also impossible..?
  • angle between path leading to MB gates and path leading to fenth press should be 144 degrees
  • on the map it shows the paths as being less than 90 degrees apart
  • map shows path to bob and path to mb gates being 180
  • path to mb gates and bob shoudl be 144 degrees as well
  • md isn't "flat" and the map is "wrong" ? not wrong just streched to fit making inaccurate and deceptive


edit:... explains coords system somewhat doesn't it? 
edit2: MD is a dodecahedron, not a cube.

Edited by Rophs
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  • Root Admin

i didn't read the entire post, maybe i will when i get less busy (sorry no disrespect) ..however i saw some part of it , and i need to confirm something.

Significant parts of the map are edges of a cube. Follow that line and you will discover something that was once a secret (still might be for many)..there is an edge between necro and archives, 


(spoiler ommited here)


like any edge , there is something along it


"MB's fence is an edge between two faces of unfolded cube?"

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  • 1 month later...
  • nc and gg are same land, but at different times. they occupy the same "space" but not at the same time
    • island of seculsion is mt kelletha
    • cave under NC is cave under gg
    • deathmarrow is ivory lighthouse
  • neither happened after the other one, they are both at opposite "timepoints" in the same "cycle" and both need to exist for "balance"
  • all of GG deteriorating showing entropy, nearing complete destruction big shift happening soon in cycle?
    • but fixing lighthouse would disrupt cycle? powerful enough use of imagination can cause the cycle itself to change and create a new land?
    • is the lighthouse being fixed a planned part of the cycle? maybe this cycle didn't know, but there is a cycle of cycles independent of each other
    • escape the cycles and reach the next level one step closer to the inner sun?
  • all lands are the same space just different times
    • mb wall nc wall
    • wasp totem, misteltoe bridge, ravenhold == lighthouse, bridge of chosen, kelle'tha
    • paper cabin, weird cave in nml == defensive quarters, hollow en
  • [log i drew lines on the map] LOSzMve.png[/log]
    • there is line between lr capital and gg capitall
    • mb capital to nc capital
    • none from mb to gg capital
    • lr capital and nc cappital connect (but barely, probably mistake on my part)
    • mb to lr yes
    • gg to nc yes
    • remove any lines with intersections that aren't on scenes, most of them just barely "miss" a few scenes and don't work
    • start to see pattern in the lines, how the lands mirror each other
  • lands are transpositions of each other over time, but then if time is an axis why not other principles?
    • md is 10 dimensional world?
    • maybe not... time is a "circular" axis becauste of cyclicity and can be bent by imagination
    • entropy and syntropy pushes time along the cyce
    • the GoE is somewhere at the "MIDDLE" of the cycle
    • shape of MD is more like concentric circles....? I need to draw a new map
  • new map...?
    • cycle 1 has one element aka nml
      • GoE at middle 
    • cycle 2 has four five elements
      • gg, nc, mb, lr, lote
    • cycle 3 has ?? elements (maybe 13?)
      • mda, maze, lote, west, ug... what about others?
    • the lands are spinning around in circles/cycles but appear to be still because there is no reference to time and as the four lands shift around NML NML will spin around to match them
    • the further away from GoE you are the faster you are going
    • this spinning makes anticentifugal force... why? idk
      • is why grasans migrate from hollow den to Aramory
      • archers from LR and from MB have common ancestor in archives? maybe not... probably form passage opposite of maze at split path spot
        • elemental egg came from same place but it is not "human" so there was no need to "evolve/adapt" for them
        • maybe bird egg is 'evolved' elemental egg...? makes some sense keeps weaken and gains different targeting options at higher levels but also different based on land
        • LR toxicodendrite is evolved elemental? idk never raised one
    • it's why empty aramors came on ship from west to gg, they felt the "pull" of the anticentrifugal force and it brought them to GG
    • how to prove that lands are spinning? could we demonstrate Coriolis effect in MD?
  • this is all wrong... but it's less wrong than my dodecahedronal map

the cycles rule scales terribly. if you rotate a dodecahedron around a line perpendicular to two of its faces so that it passes through the center point of the faces then the faces will end up in same spot... MD is still a dodecahedron more or less...

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  • 3 weeks later...

aramory is made of armor and has aramors inside (and was apparnetly typo :P)


lore manor is made of lore (books) and has lore (books) inside



also the three dead trees near the aramory, weird try looking at them on the map then in the scene, map is probably wrong

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  • 2 months later...

back to theory that lands rapidly spinning around GoE...

  • just inside of each land there is an arch
    • there is a broken arch at NC's Well of Tears
    • Ash Arch, self explanatory arch presence
    • There is an arch at MDP leading to the roundabout
    • GG....? the rocks at Bridge of Ages form part of an arch but are missing the top...?
  • lands are the same?!
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  • each land is 3d, they have length, width, depth but are frozen in time
  • each land is the same land, but at different times.
  • the player are 4th (or maybe 5th) dimensional beings, so we can move between the different lands. this explains why time for us continues ticking but the lands remain frozen in time
  • we are 3d creatures (humans) and can navigate the length and width of our world with ease, but depth (up and down) are more difficult, it takes more energy to move along the 3rd dimension as a 3d creature
  • travelling between lands requires moving along 4th dimension as 4d creature, so it takes more ap
  • we can edit clickies and change things in scenes because they only exist in the one instant that MD is at, so somebody MIGHT see a melody fork for a brief instant, but wouldn't know any better.
    • but if lots of people saw it they would agree they saw it at a specific time, probably for a few seconds
    • like a UFO sighting
  • shape of MD obfuscates further?
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  • 3 years later...

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