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Consecutive Daily Login Bonus


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As a potential way to keep hold of some of the few new players that come through our doors, I was thinking about a bonus for consecutive daily log ins. So either we could have some sort of multiplier on the current daily bonus (capped at say, 30 days), or an alternative style of reward for not missing days?

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I like the idea, but depending on the type of reward, a sink might be necessary to balance out the economy.


I'm talking about the possibility to clog the economy by purposely using alts to infuse it with currency, in case the reward would be of that nature.

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  • Root Admin

I like the idea, but depending on the type of reward, a sink might be necessary to balance out the economy.


I'm talking about the possibility to clog the economy by purposely using alts to infuse it with currency, in case the reward would be of that nature.


People have done this before and people have been banned before. I would think that some form of "repeated login bonus" would have to be personal in nature indeed.

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If it was to be implemented, I definitely think it should only be a stats thing (which is how I interpreted the initial suggestion).

Perhaps a +0.1x multiplier for the daily stats increase? With the suggested 30 day limit, that means a x3 boost at limit. Still near meaningless for veterans, but enticing to new players - I know when I first began, the daily boost was a big incentive to login each day, even if I couldn't spend time fighting.

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I wil be the ”hater”. I dont think this will work very well, in the sense that it wont be enough of a reason to log in every day. Besides, there are other ”bonuses” for logging daily, such as WP for activity days.


That having been said, implement it (I am logging in almost every day, Im not against more stuff)

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@TRM, wp for ad doesn't encourage you to log on every day because it's very much a case of - if you stick around a bit, you'll get it eventually no matter what you do. It's about attracting those casual people who might pop by every few days otherwise to actually make a point of logging in each day and keeping them around.


Itemised reward for doing so - yes there is a block on transferring things between alts, but where there's a will, there's a way. It would be best, as already said, for whatever the reward to be, to be personal and non-transferable.



And yeah, it shouldn't be a flat +2 per day, because then it really wouldn't matter if you missed a day, more you get a +1 for the first day, working it's way up to a +30 on the last (exp graph). Possibly throwing in an incremental partial credit amount on days 5,10,20,30 for that extra incentive.

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+1 for stats or other personal stuff

-1 for more then 5 stats   .. Why ? Just consider the MP3s, they are the most affected ones. Would you really want to see an MP3 with 1000 AD ? (like that never happen)


So, before you decide, you should consider what is the target of this bonus.

Yes, for me it is meaningless (the current daily bonus) as for 90% of the active players , so what ?

Also, the 1 $ at 30 AD ... you should try voting from time to time.


The best proposal I've seen was the one with boosting the actual bonus. It is not big and it is still something.


My proposal would be : to make it like a quest:

 - you get one prize for each maximum

 --> in day zero - you get zero :P

 --> in day one - you have a new maximum, you get a reward and the counter is reset

 --> in day three = day one of new count, you get no bonus

 --> in day four - you have a new maximum, you get a reward and counter is reset

30th reward would be after about 900 consecutive days.


If you miss one day, the counter will start from zero, the maximum never gets reset

This way :

 - you will not get twice the same reward - that prevents the abusability

 - it can allow the increase of reward value

 - it can be set in a top (my favorite)

 - the rewards could be non-transferable items (gifts) as : "Reward for x days (open / drop)"

 - also, if there is reward set for a certain "new maximum", it can be set to automatically give a "token of reward for new maximum x days (Convert to reward / drop)" ... yea, a non transferable item. And once the reward is set, it should be able to be replaced with the reward itself


As for rewards ... start with giving one item from shop. To be chosen carefully though.


Don't look at me, I am not nearly close to 100% AD taken.

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Guys, I don't see point in this. If new players like the game they will play, if they don't like it, a bit of reward (especially stat reward) is not going to help in that department.


If you really want to push with game-loyalty rewards, please don't make it based on log ins. I can log in and then log off without doing anything, or log in and sit in sanctuary for hour or be idle in there for 6 hours.


Moral of the story is; logging in doesn't equal to actually playing.


edit: typos

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Currently there's no way to check how long a player has been active on any specified day, whereas we can see if someone has logged in.


If you look at measures of early activity in any game, a person is more likely to return if they gain something from it, they have to be interested in the first place, granted, but it pushes them towards returning more than having no such incentive.


Returning to something is not as straight forward as "I love it - I'll return" and "I don't - I won't", currently we retain those that love it, awesome, but there's some wiggle room in the middle where someone can be convinced to return using some simple psychology like incentivised return. Early on it's likely that if you log on, you'll do something, as opposed to log right out again.

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Then in order to make it count your should measure activity by player involvement, for example if a player gained burst in that day (raw example), he gets something little bit extra.


Idea is to encourage the player to get involved and reward that rather than just active day.


You can for example set X number of fights performed in a day grants some small bonus, or X number of non-empty chat lines, or something third. Those would all be different requirements for same bonus. That way you would have diversity but player wouldn't feel forced to do something he isn't normally doing. For example fighter wouldn't be forced to RP because he can fulfill X number of fights requirement, while social player who doesn't like fighting can do X chat lines.


Just some of ideas.

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If you base it on a Burst, it means the player has to be a fighter, hard to base it off RP if that's the way they play aside from measuring how many characters they type, at the end of it all because there's so many different ways to play the game, it'd be virtually impossible to have a universal way of measuring activity mechanically.


If the argument is that if you log in you don't have to do anything to get the ad, then if all I need to do to get this bonus is type . and enter for a certain amount of lines, it'd come back to the same point.


Someone early on who has made the effort to log back in for the reward that day is going to do something whilst logged in, someone older might not but then this is more designed to attract and reward newer people anyway.

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I did pretty crude examples, yes. But you are all smart so you can think of something better.


I also said non empty lines. You can make a rule that lines with at least 20-25 chars are counted.


But the best idea I have so far is to measure movement. Lets say if person walks through at least 10 scenes.


Any kind of actual involvement measure is better than just log in tracking. As you said this is mainly aimed towards newbies.

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  • Root Admin

Can you post those scores? Or give us access in some other way, maybe in the side bar next to active days? :D


Since its come to this, let me share something:  I train and get +10 stats. The next day I get a bonus of 0.03. If i gain something in the lines of +1 stats, i get a bonus of 0.28. Why? :))

Its random.
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I'll repeat some things, and add others.


There is actually, I implemented a load of activity monitors. I can even "score" you.


Do it.


As Ary pointed out, activity over weighs logins. Add an invisible scoreboard for different ranges of players (based on active days: 0-30, 31-60...) and reward them accordingly for the different tasks they perform.


Example: say one need write 10, 20, 50 chat lines in one day. This can be conditioned further: if (s)he has the required number of chat lines, and that number ranges between, say 10 and 90% of the total lines in the area, he gets a +1 in "loudmouth" for that day. I didn't say 100% because that would represent a monologue.


Now, alt abuse can occur, such as someone chatting with themselves. If the chat lines in a scene come ONLY from the same IP adress, they don't count for either. If other addresses are involved, they count and are calculated for each alt based on proportions mentioned above.


The following day, each player gets a fix reward as stated a few posts above: attack if they have the most won attacks, defense if they won the most attacks on them, volition (which needs to be finished as a concept, first) if they spent enough APs while moving and so on.


Furthermore, once a month, give out temporary titles to the one with the best score according to what they did: attack - fighter of the month, defend - defender of the month, walk - strider of the month, sacrifice - killer of the month, chat - loudmouth of the month and so on, along with a stat bonus which represents the category they won.


I went into detail because the chat example is a tricky one to make work, but there are ways to do it. Others, such as combat related ones are easier.


Just imagine a new player waking up one day with a title saying "Fighter of the Month". I call that incentive. :P

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