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Resource Grasans


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Traded creats keep their nicknames, they will probably also still be able to consume Wiiya. If the level/wins are an issue then we can use totems.


Has anybody tried making a resource Pimped Grasan, naming other creatures the names of resource grasans, or using a traded resource grasan that is reduced to level 1 and trying to make it sniff Wiiya?

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Many people lack the patience to gather 50 wins on Grasans.

50 wins ? lol, that is huge.


Why don't you say that grasan resource needs wiiya ?(whatever the name)

That is indeed "expensive"  compared to those 50 wins.

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So, do they work (is it implemented)?

Are products usable for something? (I know about the grasan ferment)


5 silver seems like a lot for them. I'd rather by wiiya gas.

What is the price of wiiya btw?

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Those resources like many others have no practical use.

Grasan ferment isn't obtained that way, you pick it in pub and get drunk. Name is misleading


5 sc for grasan is pointless. You only need to recruit grasan, get some wins and heat, wait 4 days and name them properly. If you buy them, you have to do the same, because at lvl1 they don't produce anything (if by some chance they do, then it's a bug and you will get spanked)


Wiiya is mostly priceless :p you gain it by being awake at 4am st during randomly selected weekday (not weekend) by telling fairytales to rophs.

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