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Hidden erolin message and it's meaning?

Ary Endleg

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I noticed something in plain sight that each of us sees and dismisses it on daily basis.


We all know our erolin device that is used for combat heat multiplication as well as spell casting heat, praying heat and item heat. However this isn't really a talk about the device, it's actually a talk little words in it.


When you get to certain amount of heat in device, it starts to spin rings, which start to separate as you put more and more heat. Thing is, those rings have words inscribed on them. They are super hard to read and all separate rings have same words.


There are 6 words. I managed to read 3 of them, 2 of those seem to be latin. They are homo and hominis. 3rd readable word is erolin.


I didn't managed to read other 3 words, it's too messy, two of those 3 words seem to be same. Maybe somebody else gets better luck at reading it?


Thing that troubles me is... why are 2 words on latin, while other words don't resemble anything latin (even as unreadable as they are)?


What does "erolin" word really mean?


What exactly is this hidden message in the erolin heat rings and what does it mean?

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Thanks, now that makes some sense. (assuming we got the word order right, it's circle afterall)


Translated from Latin it would mean something like:

erolin defeats man, man overcomes time


Still what does word erolin mean? :))

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Hominus wouldn't be the subject of the first part of the "elroin secret phrase". The -us ending on a 2nd declension noun is used in the nominative case.

Vinci could be interpreted as "defeat" or "conquer" but vici would be a better word for that, "overcome" would be a better English word for translating this phrase.

"Man overcomes elrion" would be how I translate the first half.


In the second half homo is used instead of hominus taking the ablative case suggesting that something else is moving away from man. According to Google Translate vincii translates to "won" from Latin and "winch" from Romanian. (Seeing how "homo" translates literally to "fag" from Romanian I doubt that vincii is supposed to mean "winch" in this phrase). I'm not sure how to literally translate the second phrase but it seems to have the general idea of "time victory from man".


I'd translate the thing as a whole to be along the lines of

"[When] man overcomes Elroin [the] time from [of] man [will be] won."


It sounds like the (incomplete) beginning of a prophecy, there's probably more stuff hidden that would make the phrase more "complete".

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Totally making this up, but I always figured Erolins was a jumbled form of the word Eidolon, from Greek.  (Like Aramors are not Armors)

(Greek εἴδωλον: "image, idol, double, apparition, phantom, ghost")


I've always viewed them as not just Heat Storage things, but Light-avatars of ourselves/ Will/ Potential Energy / etc.

Words fail to describe the thought in my head, but it's there pretty solidly.   

They are not-Shadows, which we store our energy(heat) in to use as a battery later.

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  • Root Admin

I can confirm that back then i used to spend hours...days...even weeks..to adjust design and create all the stuff you see around here. Sadly i can't remember what is there, i lost the sources too, i know it had a meaning, i don't know anymore what..same as i forgot lots of other things...but i know there are words in there. I was hoping nobody will ever ask me that hahhaha


Erolin is same like fenths .. its not taken from anywhere else..if you find the word in an other place is pure coincidence OR that person made the name up in a similar manner i did, so you could investigate any other source and probably find same roots of the word.


This is one of the most exciting research topics i read in years about md history, but due to personal reasons.

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