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pimped resource grasan boost


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As far as I can see (as an MP3) they do have a slight boost over their regular counterparts.


Edit: Never mind, I get what you meant by "extra", now. :p



This idea is a logical one, but I have to ask: do enough of the resources currently being produced get spent? If they don't, I'm not sure what economical repercussions might arise, if any even would. (I'm really unfamiliar with resource economy)

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So...something to increase or strengthen the monopole on grassans' resources. Nice.


Then my answer is No! I don't want to see pimps producing more of the resources.

Why not? Currently they have 1.5x max vit and around 1.4x attack. That's marginal compared to the powerful auras and greatly increased damage other shop crits have over their normal counterparts. Plus a pimp is deeper into the shop than a Rusty which gains a LOT MORE than the pimp's slight stat advantage which make no meaningful difference when influence is added to the equation. Yes, deeper in the shop should equal better creature. A higher investment is required to get the "reward" it only makes sense that the "reward" is much higher. If Pimps don't get the resource advantage (imo is a lot more "creative" than just adding a boring creatureboost and would give people other than fighters a reason to explore deep into the shop) then what kind of extra ante do you think they deserve over a regular Grasan?


What "monpoly" do you speak of on resource grasans? Fat, skin, toxic gas have no uses and Grasan Ferment gives the drunk effect which can be gained from alcohol items which can be found in very plentiful amounts in the East. You're making much ado about nothing.

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Um, there's really not much of a 'higher' investment to get a pimp, especially considering the investment needed to get to a rusty in the first place. Plus, there likely are more pimps than rusties due to shop mechanics, so it makes sense that they'd be less powerful.


I do like the idea of more resource-based creatures/variations though. Perhaps someone could think of a new creature/variation. I'm neutral as to pimps producing more resources. Maybe this could be a thing when there's a greater need for such resources.

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The monopoly she's speaks of is you being the sole authority for gathering wiiya and at same time asking for buff related to it.


Pimps should get more buffed yes, but I don't think they should get buffed like that



Why not? Currently they have 1.5x max vit and around 1.4x attack.


:)) man... those numbers are FAR from reality, I would be happy if pimp actually had that much increase.

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Not really, you did that calculation based only on first lvl. When you compare it with other two levels you will notice that nothing is multiplied, it has a meager flat increase in stats compared to original grasan at compared level.


Although stat increase is small for pimpy compared to other shop creats, main issue is that it doesn't have any aura, and no I don't think another creatboost will be any smart move or antifreeze, attackboost hmm maybe...


Aside from Pimped, joker is much bigger issues when it comes to being useless, both versions of it. Which mainly comes out of broken randomdamage ability. Broken how? you ask. That would be a thread for itself.

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