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Locate spell restriction removal for LHO

Ary Endleg

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Locate spell has restriction where it wouldn't allow you to locate certain "powerful" characters. LHOs are part of that restrictions. Honestly I don't understand why is it so. LHOs are normal players who volunteer to help out those in need with basic stuff regarding the game, as such they should be easier to find/reach. That's why such restriction makes no sense and should be removed.

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  • Root Admin


Where do you buy increased levels sir? In WP shop all you get is +8 casts for each purchase no level increase. You can buy it twice, (and I did) and it doesn't let you trace LHOs.


Hmm thats exciting, normally buying more casts in the shop gives you additional levels, I might change that.


Anyone know any other way of increasing the level of the spell?

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As far as I can see there is ONLY one spell in WP shop that gets +1 level on purchase, it's Weaken.

Even ghost spell, and I think many many others too (givevital, duration of attack lock or move lock, etc. Not sure though Edited by DARK DEMON
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Seriously DD? If higher levels of those spells exists it doesn't automatically mean that they are obtainable through WP shop. I mean how hard it is to open WP shop and read it? Obviously harder than make a post such as above. :rolleyes:




Plus locate and otherarmy spells which I fully bought, nothing increased in level/power




Not sure though


Exactly you're, not.

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  • Root Admin

@chew and anyone concerned.

Having a general method to increase spell level should be avoided. If you make somethign to increase spell level, limit it to exact spells you chose. Some spells act differently on other levels.

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