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MP3 Erolin heat checker and MUCH more

Ary Endleg

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I saw the need and I took the initiative. Since MP3s have the erolin device disabled and some wonder how much heat they have, so I made a clicky where you can check it.
Hidden orb bushy at GoE has that script. You can check how much erolin heat you have in there.

Edit by Chew: Edited out last part of post because of a bug publicly posted. Now im going to have to go waste time fixing it


Edit by Ary:


Clicky has been improved. In addition to heat checking you can also check CTC, ITC, active avatars of players and number of your visits in scenes as long as you know their coords.

Edited by Ary Endleg
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Original post updated.


Clicky got improved with some useful and "necessary" things. Reason for this is because "certain bug got fixed" :rolleyes: :ph34r:  and because Burns is slacking when it comes to preventing his MDP clicky from inactivity.

So stuff that you used to check in there, you can now check in here. :p

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This script is still in same spot but now it's password protected. Reason for this is because in near future I'll be away for prolonged time and won't have net access and hence won't be able to "maintain" it. Password protected scripts don't require to be "maintained" (I think) so it will be in place till then.


Password is "Ary is awesome!".

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