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Scene not loading

Assira the Black

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I am stuck at a scene since it will not load to allow me to move.


I have tried the following:



.... more refreshes

Logging out then logging in

Delete cookies



Close browser

Open browser


Change pages... go to creature page and then to navigation page (creature page worked fine and did not have troubles loading.


It is like I am stuck in a white cube O.O


What is it that I am doing wrong?

I have not had this problem before...




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It's different than what I thought. When I proposed that solution, I was at home and the issue I believed you were referring to is a different one.


I just arrived at work, and I understand what you mean... same thing happens to me here. I'm stuck at MDP.


And I must say that, indeed, this has never happened to me before, either. Yesterday it worked just fine from this PC.


At home:

- Win 7

- latest Firefox

- latest Flash

--- worked fine this morning


At work:

(I can't test it on Chrome here)

- Win XP

- Mozilla Firefox --- version 35.0 --- add-on: Shockwave Flash --- version

- Internet Explorer --- version 8.0.6001.18702 --- + Adobe Flash Player 16 NPAPI --- version


Both act the same. Both worked OK yesterday. Firefox updated from 34.0.5 to 35.0 today, but IE is the same version as yesterday (they don't update it). I can't check if Flash made any updates. I need to make a request towards the IT department for an update on that.

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If its a flash issue... well, then maybe this is related to it or not, but only for MD, my shockwave plugin becomes unresponsive at times (and its fully updated). Sometimes what happens is that the browser hangs halfway through loading for like 30 seconds (quite annoying if it happens 20 times in one hour), but the scene does load eventually.

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