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Sasha's Leash

Sasha Lilias

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I am curious as to what one would pay or do for my leash. Perhaps nothing, perhaps a lot? Therefore I am putting forward this deal.


Interest me.


Interest me and I shall give you my leash. Be this through trade offers, intensive role play purposes or something else. This leash could be used as punishment or friendship.


Here is a list of perks from owning my leash:


  • Control over my being (where I move, RP, to punish, to "mistreat")
  • Control over my spells (a list of available spells will be given to the owner.)
  • A servant to run errands, perform tasks, etc.
  • Sponsorship for any and all quests created by the owner of the leash. (Rewards can be discussed)
  • Revival items usage (my item is for use through RP, so RP well enough and I'll allow use of my revival item.)
  • Bragging rights
  • Access to certain knowledge.

This is just a list idea as to what it could be used for, should the "master" so wish.


Message me your ideas or offers if you wish to remain anonymous or simply post below otherwise.



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Order her to free me and make her my slave?

I know how it feels like to be a slave and even though she is evil i'd not like to see anyone in slavery after me.

She's probably not affordable for me anyway :D.


Being a slave means a lot more. It can become a bond like none other, and for some its even a learning opportunity.


Of course, it all depends on who exactly is involved...

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  • Root Admin

199 uses and the same length of time as the other leashes, I'd assume. Not exactly sure on the amount of time, though I can check with Chewett.


its a permanent leash. after 200 uses are used, it resets to the owner.

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In the interest of being a general cheapskate and freeing poor MaGoHi from the clutches of slavery¹, I offer an exchange of cake - or rather, a piece thereof.


It is a symbolic act of great importance among my people.


Not that I'd expected an outsider to comprehend the sheer importance of this gesture and its deeply rooted significance among our forebearers.


Regardless, I'd hope you wouldn't dare scorn the ancient cultural traditions of my people by accepting a far inferior offer of precious metals or other such menial things from a third party.


We are very sensitive about that, specially after the Great Cake Partition of 1910.


I find this quite the tasteful offer, myself.


¹Some individuals may seek to imply there is a measure of irony in this statement. Fortunately, I don't associate with any such people thus sorely lacking in proper judgement and reason.

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