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Selling Items!

Sasha Lilias

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All items below are 3sc, unless stated, and will be sold on a "first come, first serve" basis.
Happy hunting!
Silent Music Box 
Candy sculpture 

Dried leaves (3)

Petrified plant (2)
Dried flower petal (2)

Small Violets Bouquet (2)

Egg shell (2)
Shoe plant 

Wax pen 

Sloop goop (4)

Lost person notice 

Fat sculpture (3)
Unaddressed ransom note  

Glass display box (2)

Leaking envelope (2)

Snowdrop seed (2)

Paper lanterns (2)

Flower petals (2)

Blades of dried grass (6)

Quiet bud 

Bag of Leaves (2)

Glass jar (2)
Blue ink 

Lichen stone (3)

Plant fibers (4)
Glass sculpture (3)

Apothecary box (3)

Antique tiara (3)

White Flower Wreath (2)

Grey pencil (3)

Plant Pot 

Folded Paper 

Petals (2)

Flower petal (2)

Fluffy scarf 

Wooden eyeglass frames 

Blade of Grass (3)

Rotting wood (4)

Wooden flower 

Bundle of Stems 
Handful of Dirt 


Charcoal rubbing 

Fossilised woodlouse 

Fosilized leaf 

Sheet of old paper 

Small rock 

Empty Pencil 
Fungal mass 

Shapeless Balloon 


Disappearing ink

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unrelated to the topic, but it might be good to change the yellow to a different colour, i know its fitting but it makes it very hard to read as its quite a harsh colour, especially against this background, i couldnt read what the text said and it was straining l to look at

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