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MD 10th Birthday - Day 7 - Treasure Hunt

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And so, I decided to get my hands dirty and make the first hesitant steps into the world of quest making. As an attempt to contribute to the celebrations of the 10th MD Birthday, I have prepared a small treasure hunt.
It consists of eleven clues, which are scattered all over the place save the first one that will be posted in this topic in due time. Each clue will point, directly or indirectly, at the location (scene) of the next clue until the last one that will lead to the final treasure.

The quest is entirely based on scripted clickables that can be found in No Man's Land, Marind Bell, Loreroot, Golemus, Necrovion, the East and the Archives.

It's a race. It may not matter when you will begin the hunt**, but it does matter how long it will take you from beginning to end. The fastest one wins.


Requirements: Only one account per player – no alts are allowed.


How to start: Post your account name on this topic.

(It's not required for participation, but it can give a good understanding on how much interest there is on the quest)

First clue:

"My shallow hills are the faces of kings.

My horizon is always near.

My music sends men to the grave.

My absence sends men to work.


Find what I am, then follow the wind to find me."

Password: TreasureHunt (Very original, I know :P ) - To be used on every clickable throughout the quest.

Duration: The quest will run from Day 7 00:00 ST to the end of Day 10.


First Place: Wish Point and Ann.Aramor (from Chewett and BFH) + picks first a spellstone*

Second Place: Morph (from Chewett and BFH) + picks second a spellstone*

Third Place: 1 Gold Coin and a Send to GoE spellstone (from Chewett and BFH) + takes the last spellstone*


*Spellstones from my collection that are provided as rewards: Mirrorritual, Silvertongue, Locate


All participants that finish the quest will also be rewarded.


More sponsors are welcome.




**In case of a tie (same amount of time spent from beginning to end), the starting time will be taken into account to determine the winners. And this is how the rewards are distributed at the moment. Once the quest is finished and I have the results in my possession, I will work together with the Day Host and the Administrators should a tie actually happen.


For any questions, concerns, problems, this topic and my in-game and forum mailboxes are open. Feedback is also welcome.



Edited to add rewards.


Edited again to add first clue and password.


And edited a third time to update the quest duration.

Edited by Valoryn
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I get error on the (presumably first clicky)  


Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 6291456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 246444 bytes) in Unknown on line 0  

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Duration: The quest will run through Day 7, from 00:00 ST to next 00:00 ST. If there is need for the quest to run for more than a day, and there are no objections from Day Hosts and Administrators, a little time more may be given. There will be an update here, should that happen.


Would be nice for it to last a while longer, in case folks missed it :p

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@Myth: I have no objection on this at all.


If there is no objection from the Host of Day 8 and the Administrators as well, a further 24 hours can be given before the quest ends.


Unless people would prefer it to run through the remaining three days (8, 9 and 10) instead; I think, however, that permission should be given first because there is a chance of the quest colliding with other events during those days and I wouldn't want to mess anything.



@Apophys: like I said to Miq before, keep searching. :)




Edited to add:


A further 24 hours before the quest ends have been granted. I'm waiting to hear from the Hosts of Days 9 and 10, in case there are any concerns from their part.


So, for the time being, the Treasure Hunt ends at 00:00 ST (beginning) of Day 9. I will edit the original post of this topic once I have heard from all three Hosts and I have a definite finishing time.





After being given permission from all three Hosts of Days 8 to 10, the Treasure Hunt will end at the end of Day 10.


The original post of this topic has been edited accordingly as well.

Edited by Valoryn
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The Treasure Hunt has ended. Thank you to everybody that participated.


Participants, don't forget to submit your feedback in the Quest Voting interface. It will be greatly appreciated. :)


The results will be announced shortly (a small delay might apply due to Real Life interference).

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