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I have developed a clickie that will be used to store information about on going quests, contests, Market, Events, and other things.


The idea behind this is to add a more in game feel to the quests, market, and so on. It would not get rid of the idea of the forums to keep track of who won a quest, scores, why, and what reward they were given.


People wishing to add their quests, contests, and events would need to contact me with the Quest/Event Name, Who is the main creator, if it is a land or alliance based quest/contest, any requirements, time restrictions (like if it only lasts a set time frame), and rewards. And the introductory statement that you wish for the person to read to begin your quest or hook the person on starting it.


For the market, this is mainly for sells/buy/trades that last over a week or are more permanent. Like if you are regularly buying certain creatures, selling the resources you often harvest, or something along those lines. Since on the forums people forget that a specific person is always selling wood or herbs or water, it is a good way to keep track of the ongoing trades wanted.


Right now the clickie is the panel above the central stairs at the GoE. It is password protected for the moment until  some people show interest posting a few things.


-Assira the Black


(edit: Posted this in the General Forum since it covers more than quests)

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  • Root Admin

Sounds good! Sounds similar to the plan I have with the quest board (at fortunes well).

This would allow people to add quests and review currently running quests there. This would also allow automatic management of the quest voting and opening/closing a quest vote without having to go through me or the TK.

I shall have a talk with you sometime about this :D

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:) I remember you mentioning that you had plans for the billboard and something about a quest/s, after I mentioned in chat about something similar to what was posted above to something else you had said in chat. Hehehe...at this point trying to remember  that conversation at the GoE escapes me. I did not realize exactly what you had in mind.


This can be a clickie that people use until your plans are set. My coding in the clickie is probably not very aesthetically pleasing and crude. I worked with what I know so far which is not a whole lot. I plan to build upon it as I go and after making it up today I figured I had a good enough layout/foundation to build upon.

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