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MDA and Tribunal


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Necrovion, Loreroot, Marinds Bell and Golemus are all lands of major conflict, where war and heated debates have and will regularly occur. They are the gate ways to reaching out further in MD.


Loreroot connects to the back of Marinds bell, Necrovion connects (I believe) to the MDA and acts as a passage to backs of Marinds Bell and Loreroot, Golemus connects to the Laby, which connects to Archives which again connects to the backs of Loreroot and Marinds Bell and NML connects to all four lands. In fact, you could say that NML is the stage for war and the Archives is the stage for resolving (or sneak attacks if you were inclined.)


As a place of neutral opinions and of learning, I wouldn't see a need for a fenths or recruitment are. It's a land where wars are fought with words rather than weapons.


Side note: It makes sense that the KoB are existent as it's the most vulnerable land, imo. All other lands connect to it one way or another.


In regards to fenths and recruitment areas not being in the tribunal, I'm not sure. I always imagine the place being a world of it's own, for some reason. One that floats close to MD but isn't quite part of it. (Silly I know, but it's odd.)


Perhaps again the land doesn't require a show of force as it isn't an exactly "hostile" place. From the looks of it, also, it's a land more dedicated to preserving one person (The "Demon of the East) that protecting anyone else. The insane costs to enter the Dominion is one of the best defences around. Why need an offence when nearly no one can beat your defence?


Side note: If I've gone off topic just say. I tend to say ideas as they come to my head, write them down and then later decipher them into something more legible. Most of this is merely ideas that have sprung to my head and could be worked on. That is not to say that they are at all correct, just merely points to consider!


My point thought, though, is - Conflict.

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