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bugged distilled tears drink


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The same thing happened today with a tequila bottle.


The last use was made while the drunk effect was already active from previous uses and without its owner passing it to others at all from the time of its acquisition to the time when all 20 uses were consumed.


Item id: 15926.

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The drinks I grabbed before sleeping have either not disappeared or disappeared early. I got 3 alcohols from the pub: a shot of absinthe (1 use, id 15949), a distilled grasan ferment (1 use, id 15945), and a beer stein (3 uses, didn't know the id).


I used the shot of absinthe and it has reappeared in my inventory with no shown number of uses left.

Kiley used the distilled grasan ferment which returned to me after use, then I shared it with Aethon and we saw that it also doesn't show how many uses it has left. I realized after waking up that it shouldn't have returned since it only has 1 max use (I had thought it had multiple uses).

Assira used the beer stein and instead of returning to me with 2 uses left, it disappeared.

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  • Root Admin

Thanks for the update. I have faffed a bit:


Ann. 3624 - [2015-08-12 01:48:09 - Stage 13] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett   1337 likes   Like 
After a lot of faffing the tribunal pub drinks should now work as intended. When used they should return to the person who took them from their place. When the max uses have been used up they should reset and return to the group collection area.

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