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Hello All




today I was using my chawan and ive used it twice today. the first time I used it I put the cold tea first then the heat stone and gathered the results. aka the tea........


The second time I used it I put the heat stone first and then the cold tea and now it will not let me gather the results.(the tea)



it seems to be glitched or stuck on the page where I can click gather results and it just doesn't do anything. I tried refreshing several times and even refreshed my inventory several times so im not sure as to why its not letting me gather the tea now

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I did not log out at any time while doing this.. I am on my way to work I will post an image when I get home. but this morning it still is doing the same thing. im not sure if Syrian chawan is doing the same ( still hasn't let me gather the results )

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how can I upload the screen without paint. I had deleted paint in my computer so im not sure how to get a photo uploaded of the screen


Either download another art program -- GIMP is good (and free) and so is photoshop (if you don't mind paying a bit) -- or you can: Take print screen >> go to Imgur >> Upload Images >> Ctrl+V

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  • Root Admin

After thousands of hours (half an hour) debugging, I have fixed the problem!

Also for the bushies which broke now and then.

Ann. 3633 - [2015-08-23 21:31:22 - Stage 13] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett 0 likes Like
A really annoying bug that causes potentially any progressive combiners to get stuck on the "finished click to obtain item" screen has been fixed. Thanks to Blackshade for reporting it on his Chewan and those who have previously reported the road bushies being broken. This should be fixed for all progressive combiners now.

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