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mainland map - location not properly aligned


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On the mainland map, sometimes you will notice an orange dot (active player?) at the extreme upper left corner of the map. 
Looking through past threads here I did not see this reported yet.

Upon research by a few, it was discovered and confirmed that at least one location shows your player-ping at this spot, effectively at 0,0.

Territory: Loreroot
Coord: 1_-5x4_6
Tags: citizenship, Sanctuary
Sky visibility: No Visibility

This is the "Citizen Vote" sub-room within Loreroot's capital.
Being at this scene and checking the player map, shows your animated PING in the extreme corner, not in the correct location 'within' Raven Hold.

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See initial post... (unless you want the actual pixel-coords for where it goes?  that'll be trickier to do as my art-fu is weak.

Scene coordinates provided in initial report.   Coord: 1_-5x4_6

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  • Root Admin

Also the map locations for all but a handful of locations in the east are about a centimeter off.

Many of the east ones I havent yet finished properly fixing. It needs a decent chunk of time to fix one by one and I havent got around to doing them. I have done all up to jesters ally I believe.
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Found another one.   Top of Mt Kellethas, where Alliance listing is.

This location shows the personal map Ping in the extreme upper-left (0,0) rather than where I expect it,  inside Golemus Lands itself.



Territory: Golemus Golemicarum
Coord: 1_-5x0_4
Tags: landinfluence, Sanctuary
Sky visibility: No Visibility

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