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Was Neil Armstrong Really the first man on the Moon?

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So there are people who say that Neil armstrong wasnt the first man on the moon and the whole thing was a hoax. So I challenge you to question the obvious and give me considerable proof that Neil armstrong wasnt the first man on the moon.


Link: http://binscorner.com/pages/d/didneilarmstronglandonmoon.html


P.S. I will reward a wishpoint to the three most interesting answers :)

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the actual footage of the first moon landing GOT LOST/ERASED



same way 9/11 investigation files got deleted by 'accident'


(if you still think a mistake of such a magnitude is even possible, and a historic event got simply erased by the most technologically advance instutution, you are quite brainwashed, congrats.)


So all the pictures you see now about that landing are technically speaking a fake, by definition. If the moon landing was a fake or not, its a lot harder to prove, because its not something you can "check" on your own. There was enormous pressure on the US to claim the "first man on the moon" thing, however the technology back then was not enough for this. Even current nasa news talks about problems in crossing the Van Allen radiation belt with living things on bord ...so if NOW its a problem, how did they do it back then??


One way to check if the moon landings took place is to point a telescope at the moon and LOOK AT IT, you should be able to see the landing sites...but however this does not proves a date or a human presence there at that date. Yes, the landing sites are visible from earth, but not enough details to make a difference between shooting a bullet to the moon and stepping on the moon.




you are making this contest as a mockery to mine, ...thats sad ..and its even more sad to see others participating in this frustration when it comes to question the obvious things around you. I was hoping you people where more open minded than the general crowds

however, anyone that has wp to give can give them for whatever contest they can think of thats actually a contest and not a way to cover personal rewards.... so be careful to run this fake contest as a real contest if you intend to give wishpoints for it. have fun.

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Bah! I wrote a whole article and then accidently pressed backspace on the main screen, sending the browser back!!




Whilst I'm not one to believe in conspiracy theories, this one is certainly an interesting one. We all know that the power of governments and other "influential bodies" can have a huge and frankly frightening influence on what we do and don't know, often causing people to stipulate about all manners of conspiracies.


Here are a few I found the most interesting when looking at this:


Conspiracy Theory: The American flag can be seen waving in the air, almost flapping. Yet...this is surely impossible? As there is no air on the moon which means there is no such thing as wind or a "gentle breeze"?




Counter Theory: Inertia. Inertia is when something remains unchanged or unaffected. In this case, the motion of the astronaut carrying the flag towards it's destination would have caused the "drafting" effect as it lagged behind (Speed and mass is still very real, even in space). Due to the lack of counter forces, this would have allowed the flag to remain in such a position for quite a long period of time! Awesome, ey?!


Conspiracy Theory: Only two men landed on the moon, yet, in the pictures where both men and the Eagle (the pod they flew in) are caught, no cameras can be seen; who took these photos?!




Counter Theory: Renowned author and Astronomer, Phil Plait, said  "you can see [Neil's] arms are sort of at his chest. That's where the camera is. He wasn't holding it up to his visor." So...guess that's how! - Personal Note - I don't actually see the idea or sense in that (especially looking at this picture) but it's about 4;40am (at the time I write this) so perhaps I'm being blind? Anyway, if someone can dummify it and point it out to me, I'd be most obliged. Oh...dummify is a word? How interesting...anyway, I digress!


Conspiracy Theory: No sort or "lunar dust" can be seen kicked up or even on the spacecraft, in fact...it looks completely devoid of any dust at all! Yet the astronauts claimed that, when back inside the pod, it had a very distinguishable smell -- like that of used gun powder. Surely some of that should be seen on the pod?




Counter Theory: The engines were turned down before they landed, meaning no force to disturb or indent the soft surface. Apparently we were very wrong depicting great jets of fire in the movies! *!shock horror!*


There's also various topics about how the boot prints (seen above) could only be made on wet sand (to be so distinguishable) but others say that, like any fine powder, it could easily be compressed and retain it's shape due to the moon's airless vacuum.


It's all very interesting to read, actually!


Thanks to my main source: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/07/photogalleries/apollo-moon-landing-hoax-pictures/


Also some mentionable sources:


 http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ - Literally one of my favourite sites for anything nature related (worship it!)

http://www.space.com/26932-moon-smell-apollo-lunar-aroma.html - See! Gunpowder smells!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_landing_conspiracy_theories - Good old Wiki! (P.s. Never site this in exams or papers...apparently professors don't like it...)





A BBC news report on the "It's a conspiracy" idea!




And for those of you that may not be able to view the above video, this one is quite good (though outdated) as well!




Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


(P.s. It's now 5am and I'm now hooked on "IT'S A CONSPIRACY!" "NO IT'S NOT!" "YES IT IS!"...)

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