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A dream of necromancy

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I don't understand what a skeleton/zombie would mean as a creature. Would it be a sort of flesh-stripping entity, taking away the disguises of its foes?  What would this look like in combat?

e: or maybe it's like the angien/unholy priest, losing a bit of itself with each strike but corrupting the target?  (Bones stick in the target, weakening its...I don't know what)

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Creature creation via item combiners is indeed something i am aiming for.


In addition, without making any promises..on the long run, CUSTOM creature creation might become a reality too

All technical aspects and concepts allow such a featureeven right now..but shhh..many more other things to do before this node will be crossed


Os. I am seeing md evolution in terms of intersecting oathways that build nodes, nodes become announced features. For those accusing me of lack of plans in md development, here is your explenation...not something many can grasp. Retrocausality ... Nodes in the future cause their pathways/roots in the past. In short words, md evolving as a live organism.

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Zombies could be loaded with simple commands... "Whenever (person) enters the scene, cast this spell or say this thing." They could be used during quests. They could be used as defenses for larger scale battles and wars... Perhaps, even... Skeletons can be assigned a very simple task, while Zombies might be allowed to be assigned multiple tasks. Though they could be easily destroyed. You could even ask them to attack other players, and they would have their own creatures, of sorts... Nothing too fancy, but if you wanted to modify their rituals you'd have to load them with your own creatures. Yet if they are defeated, those creatures become Fenths... You might even be able to possess the most complex of undead creations, moving them and controlling them from afar.


Also, Skeletons should require sticky goop and resin to be combined into a sort of material for the limbs. 

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