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Land of the dead.

Blackshade Rider

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I am making this post due to a few reasons. 

First off it seems i am some kind of citizen of the land of the dead . I have these ".::." where the land you are apart of usually is (emaple : .: Loreroot:. ) . As well as Sir blut which can be found here 


I still gain land loyalty from the land of the dead so another reason it seems i am a citizen of the land of dead.

I also get land bonuses 

Initiative = 3000
Attack = 10000
Luck = 450
Power = 1500
Regeneration = 5000
Energetic immunity = 15000

When My Regen time resets it sets to 1500:00 . Tea helps alot. But doesnt bring it all the way down. But when i use tea continuously It will bring it down to 0:00. But instead of going into negative Regen time (example : -5:13) Like it normally would it just resets back to 1500:00. I am still able to bring the regen timer down to 0:00 again. But when the crash tea wares off the regen timer went to 16000:00. It went back to 1500:00 the next day. 

   With these massive regen times i am able to take advantage of a few things. 1) I am able to hold massive amounts of Action points , Vital Energy ( as long as i dont loose it. But it will hold alot) , Value points , Exploring points . You can see an example here from a screen shot i took just now ( http://imgur.com/zTTSQpr ) 

When Moving around i use normal action points. Nothing is affected by the way i move other than the regen time. As you see here ( https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3889 ) it should be different shouldnt it?


When attacking i only have to wait 1:00 minute. Im not to sure if thats how it is supposed to be or not. 

Another thing is if the land of the dead acts as a land then who is the king of this land? Or how can one leave this land? Do they have to stay or can one not leave on their own will?


Did i miss something?


Edit : I was able to revive myself when the TC was taking place. Thankfully i was help out of necro

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From my observations:

First of all, when you're dead you're treated as if in TC.

Once you die you become a citizen of "the Dead". I believe once you're resurrected you should automatically become a no homeland citizen, but when using the TC to get resurrected this for some reason doesn't happen.

While you're dead you're not supposed to be able to change your land affinity, but I'm not sure if this is related to being a citizen or actually being dead/in TC. (Have you tried joining another land since you died?)

The increased action point cost is an effect of TC that translates over to being dead, but is unrelated to citizenship.

Finally, a land doesn't need a land leader, the maze didn't have anyone for a long time, neither did jail or no man's land.

So, you being a citizen of the dead is a bug, the rest are side effects.

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