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Decorate a Marind Bell scene

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As the title says, pretty much! However, there are some tweaks.

- Judging will be done by Marind Bellians on our forum (therefore because of the conflict of interest, sadly no MBians are eligible to participate :( But Juba loves you, don't begrudge!) 

- Other than the fact that the decoration is taking place in MB, your goal is for the decorations to make sense with MB (be it land or the group of people that inhabits it), something according to your view of its culture. Don't be afraid to be a bit satirical either, just don't take it too far, you might push some votes away :D

- If you have troubles finding all the decorations you want, it's ok if you try to explain yourself to fulfill the vision

- Ideally, you should say a few words about why do you think this and that particular decoration is in Marind Bell spirit - it's not necessary, but if other people don't understand what you wanted to achieve and they don't share the feeling of connection, you might lose some votes needlessly.


Rewards (will be increased if a decent amount of people show up):

1) Angien + 2gc + 4 wookie points

2) 1gc + 3 wookie points

3) 10 silver coins + 2 wookie points

and 1 wookie point for participating.

(Acronym for Wookie Points is WP, lol, Chewy's tricks... :P)



- You need to forum PM me your entry, and I will post it in the topic right away, granting you anonymity until results are announced 

- Deadline will be around end of the birthday when we need to initiate the voting process, I will be more specific as we approach it for now it's "vaguely end of the birthday"

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I would very much prefer it here publicly posted, as an observer of other quests I personally never liked hidden-posts-until-results-are-made, it's more fun to see new entries as days go by.


I value this kind of judging more than random anonymous people, from experience.

However, if you're concerned about the bias of the voters, I can make a rule for people to PM me their works, then for me to submit them here, so people don't vote based on the authors, this makes sense to me and sounds like a good suggestion. Works?

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Here's another entry!

Description:A night of lights and Beauty preserved in a frame for eternity. What better scene in MD to express the topography, and the Most significant being in the land? Look at the shrine glow on a starry night, a night of fireworks, celebrations and joy. A night conveying the true spirit of MD birthday.



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'Sanctuary' to 'shrine' edit
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1) Nimrodel, as Entry 2 (13 points)

2) Aeoshattr, as Entry 3 (9 points)

3) Dst, as Entry 1 (8 points)

As you can see, the battle was very tight for the second spot, but Nimmy the born winner was never in question!

The votes were distributed like this (numbers refer entries, first one gets 3 points, 2nd one gets 2 points, 3rd one gets 1 point, comment of the voter on the side):


2-1-3, this voter says (about 3rd entry) that circus doesn't feel right at Wind's Sanct and that apples are a bit weird, (about 1st entry) it's somewhat star-y;


3-2-1, this voter says 3rd entry got him thinking, others didn't;


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