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Combined items dissapearing

Clock Master

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2 days ago I placed 20 memory stones into the combiner to obtain Stone Tablet. The tablet was suppose to be ready tomorrow but when I checked today it is gone

Same thing happened with the bushies. Have put 100 in the combiner yesterday. Today there is nothing in it

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When I put my 100 bushies to the barrel, it said I need to wait 26 000 seconds till I am able to get bushie wine.

That was yesterday or day before yesterday. Today when I checked (because of Clockie's complaint) the barrel, it had no timer at all, no clue on the fact that I am supposed to take that bushie wine eventually. So ongoing issue rather than temporary that vanished.

Since I guess neither of us finished the waiting time, I don't know whether it's just a problem of the missing timer, or the data of our planted bushies is really gone.

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  • Root Admin

i see this:

Stored items: 0/100
You have: 9996
Device storing: 0


Device storing zero means there are not bushies currently being processed in there....i need some feedback to fix this, if there is something to fix. Yesterday i added some invisible admin stuff to the combiners, it might be that, but i don't think its still an issue,..


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Eh, looks like I lost my bushies as well. I put 105 bushies the same day as my fellow Marind Bell citizens, and double checked it a few times. Counter started at 260 000 and went down, everything seemed fine. Today I see the device is storing 0 bushies, which pretty much means I have to get wasted in the Tribunal Pub now. 

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