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Voting links/ TC messages

Blackshade Rider

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The " Apex web gaming " voting link for MD Does Not work. It gives a error message. i noticed this last night so i wont be able to get a screen shot of it till a bit later today

Here is a link that shows what voting link i am talking about.


Can some one else please confirm if this voting link also doent work for them.



Also while dead I'll see TC messages pop up on certain clickables.

Such as places to get Armor, Creatures, and  possibly tool collecting areas as well (not sure as being dead its hard to get to any tool collecting area.)

Here is the message given when clicking on Armor collecting areas and creature collecting areas


This message should be different. If the dead cant grab tools or be allowed to grab creatures or armor then it should have a different message. 

Also i believe chewett discontinued the TC because there was a big lack of players. 

Also i am dead anyways and not in a TC so thats another reason this message should say something different

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The Apex link currently says:

Fatal error: Database error in "/home/apexwebg/public_html/sources/misc/session.php" on line 29
Table './apexwebg_visiolist/VL_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired in /home/apexwebg/public_html/sources/sql/mysql.php on line 89

We'll see if it gets fixed in a day or two.


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  • Root Admin

Sorry Blackrider, I didnt actually see the TC report.

As a kind suggestion, please report one issue per bug report. It means its much less likely to be lost.

The torch contest thing is something that I need to rework at some point, Mur used the torch system for the dead system so it doesnt really fit at the moment. I have added this to a list of long term bugs and will "resolve" this thread.

Thanks for the reports.

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