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annoying forum bump

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1. I'm having a "stream" in "my activity stream" (another sh.. name as they are not my own) ... that should display only topics ... well it doesn't show the items in East (Hidden) group even if I can find and access those topics.

Show me: Content items only (only this one is present)
Content type: topics
Read status: everything
Ownership : everything
Following: everything
Time period: 999 days
Sorting: Newest first


2. The moderator rights for SoS hidden ... are long gone. I thought that because there were similar complaints ... I didn't had to complain too because it is a similar isue, bs. Anyway this is mine.


3. @mods: Feel free to NOT edit the following: the forum feels like crap and makes me puke (color and template), it is intuitive and counter productive. The f... editor is 10 times lamer then the one before and it DIDN'T split the f... words.

And most disgusting thing about this forum is that : "oh but you can make it as you want just configure it there and there...." ... that is f... dumb. If you want someone to stay on you topic and read it you have to make it easier to read from the beginning, not to force everybody to become experts in forum configuration.


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Just another example of the shitty filter: The topic below .. is not listed for "everything", why ? I posted in it yesterday

Home -> The Tribunal -> Historic Documents -> Humbly Stepping Down

And another example of the shitty editor : try to copy paste the link of this topic into the text editor.

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I do find the not being able to see the hidden forum information that I am apart of to be annoying. 


Even following that subforum does not solve the problem, you would have to follow each new topic and check back. The reason I even noticed a new topic in the hidden section was because I saw some people give rep points to something I knew I had not read. 



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  • Root Admin

Can you either:

A) report a bug with the forum software people 

B) Write a bug report I can post verbatim and so I can report it myself

If either of these are done, hopefully we can get it fixed :)

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Sorry, I can't help you there.


Maybe I didn't made myself understood before. I don't know if I like this shitty software as it is or not ... let me explain:

It is the first time, that I know of, that on thing is so profundly make feel sick / like pucking (layout, colors, "features", ... and many things that changed) ... so, beside from having a real physical problem staying on this forum for longer then 5 minutes ... I am having difficulties convincing myself that it is worth fixing a few bugs.

FYI: most of my content is written in a text editor and copied here.

In consequence, as is ... I hate the forum.
But because I hate it so much ... and it keeps me away from it ... I like it.

15 hours ago, Chewett said:

If either of these are done, hopefully we can get it fixed :)

I still hope you bring the old one back (even without support).

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