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next/previous creature not for every creature


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when browsing in my creature list i noticed that the next/previous creature doesnt work on my unholy popes (maxed, not sure about other levels)
fresh remains also dont have these buttons until you level them
i haven't tested to see if it is for all fresh creats 
noticed it goes the same for knators in a quick test, however water beings, elementals and toxic seeds do have the button when fresh

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It is not about the creatures themselves.

For the display of creatures there are (at least) 2 page formats.

1st one is the common one which is displayed for most common creatures. And the creature image is on a single table column

2nd one is for large images (need to add "Wind Dragon III" to the list) . And the creature image is on 2 table columns. This page template was overlooked.


While there, maybe you can add the starting "<tr>" for "defence" and "Initiative".

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