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Ivorak's fears

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Now, for every imagery you associated your fear with, you must choose an impossible expansion (or impossible contraction, if you will). For example, if you chose an oak, an impossible expansion would be the plant's monstruous growth of the root or of an acorn, forgetting the rest (or you could look at it as the shrinking of all of the plant's parts and systems while a root or a fruit remains at it's normal stage).

What you choose is up to your intuition (I think there should be a rule here, but I haven't been able to think of one). Grow a fish's head, shrink a bird, leaving it's beak, leave only the trunk out of a mosquito, your choice.

You can focus on one fear only or more/all.

  1. Reed - roots that extend into the core of the earth
  2. Koi - giant eyes that threaten to push out of the head
  3. Oroboros - this creature doesn't just have itself by the tail, it has eaten most of its body several times
  4. Geese - yet to hatch, the egg has several shells, like a matryoshka doll
  5. Bear - with long claws that act as stilts, this bear stands taller than the trees, eating is difficult
  6. Earth - a salty essence, no essence of clay or humus
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Oki doki, let's go further with the creation of this monster (if you wish to do them all, I'll wait a bit longer).

Choose a blueprint for your monster (it can be anything, including human; since it's geometry, you can choose whatever form of matter organization you want)

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Ok, but an eye is an organ of sense, an 'enricher' of reality. I need something independant, so if you wish (it's a fear of geometries, anyway), we'll add a receiver to the eye, to make it logical. How about adding earth as a receiver? an eye planted into the earth or maybe into an amorphic mass of earth

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Ok, an acorn it is.

Now, let's see how we can insert these impossible growth into your acorn to create a monster.

The roots of a reed...roots are, in a way, a mouth. How about we create an Escher geometry for the way the roots connect the acorn to the surroundinga?

Then, the eyes of a Koi...organs of sense, they could be placed in the apertures of the roots, or maybe inside the acorn, ready to pop out from the stem?

the ouroboros is a symbol in itself, therefore I can't accept it, Iet's just say this is about a tail, as a way for a reptile to balance itself...a remnant from it's aquatic ancestry. But how does an acorn move? From the cap will stem a tail that will move like a corkscrew, maybe.

I suggest the egg shells of a geese to protect the woody surface of the acorn, invisible at first sight, remarcable when the acorn is threatened.

The claws of a bear...claws are very useful to bears; helps them climb, rip the tree bark, hunt etc. Hmm...there must be something in the Escher geometries that can related to an 'attack' function, but I can't find it

(btw, it is quite frightening, that Escher guy)


Ok, these were only suggestions, I'm looking forward to your response.




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The acorn is shaped like a Klein bottle[1], defying our standard sense of shape and form, with engorged eyes embedded all along its body. It's upper orifice is full of teeth-like claws (or bear claw-like teeth?) in a pattern much like a lamprey[2]. The combination of these three features allows it to find its prey easily and then devour it repeatedly in a never-ending cycle.

It moves around (slowly but indefatigably) by flailing its long reptilian tail. It will get you, eventually, if you ever stop fleeing it. And alas, you cannot take the fight to it, because it is armored by endless layers of a strong shell like substance that will protect it from your blows. Your only hope is to run away and keep on running. Or you will be devoured.

[1] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klein_bottle#/media/File:Klein_bottle.svg

[2] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamprey#/media/File:Boca_de_lamprea.1_-_Aquarium_Finisterrae.JPG

Edited by Ivorak
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