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Coffee or Tea?


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I watched the first episode of an old cartoon again recently, and one of the things that struck me the hardest (besides the nostalgia, I mean) was how the teachers all drank their coffee in unison in the staff room, as if it were a sort of ritual.

Recently I've been drinking more interesting coffee and again, every time I make it it's like a personal ritual. Over the past year or so, I've also tried out various brewing methods including teabags, french press, cold brewing and the plain old fashioned method of mixin' up grounds and water in a pot (and in those automated machines, but that hardly counts).

As far as tea, I had a brief stint where I thought really hard about what really is a tea and how could I make my own, but quickly gave up. I do enjoy a cup every once in a while, my favourite is a weird lime tea, but I'll take a peppermint or green. Ultimately though, nothing beats the first Timmies of the day. Nothing.

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Different beverages for different times of the day, imo.

I prefer a strong expresso in the morning, otherwise I can't make it to work, but I fuel myself with green tea in the afternoon.

Either way, I dislike sugar: it covers any other taste.

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Coffee over Tea, but only high quality coffee.

Tea usually only when i'm sick.

I have a coffee roaster in my hometown, he gets fairtrade coffee and doesnt roast the industrial way with 600°C over a short time period, he uses a lower temperature between 200 and 300°C and roasts the beans over a longer period of time, this ensures the full flavour and is totally worth the few € that it costs more.


greetings Mag

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