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Quest rework - Requirements to join a quest


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If you were given an interface to set your quest to have certain requirements. What requirements would you want to set?

An example, Has creature X, has stats Y, has XP Z, has Mindpower α, has wins β

Please give specific examples, rather than just "just give me all of that". Something either you would use in the future as a requirement, or something you have used.

Thanks again!

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For that list of quest types perhaps add research related quests.

Among other things possible specific requirements for that could be; Having unlocked specific clues. Having unlocked a certain total number of clues / clues per category. Having submitted a new clue and having it implemented. (advanced)

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  • Has item - for multi stage quests, distributed to those who pass preceding quest
  • Has tag - certain quests could be designed for those with special tags (particularly the ones from tag dispensers), a building quest with enrollment limited to carpenters for example.
  • On list - ability to "whitelist"/"blacklist" players from a quest, the latter is particularly useful when a player has cheated at a previous quest, or failed at a quest where failure has repercussions.
  • Citizen of - would encourage land leaders to create quests for their people/vassals.
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Has certain age - a new player might not be able to perform the same way as a veteran

Has X as friend - should be an interesting addon - there have been quests where you were encouraged to find and talk to some players. This feature might be proof of at least "searching" of the search

Has Creature or X amount of Creatures - for example you could have a quest where the number of crits of a certain species can give you a class: you have 5 dragons -> dragonslayer/dragonbreeder etc; you have 10 barren souls -> healer; you have 10 Imps -> Paladin etc etc



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Has current VE / VP - that allows you to make quests where people can actually help or hinder one another through combat features


Has achievement - specifically thinking about research depth here, but i could think of newbie quests to require burst burner or high end quests to require full glow


Has ally / specific ally - what ivorak said, but with allies. You could create nice little gang wars, for example :D

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