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Creatures for empty aramors


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Well, here's what I learned from reading two huge posts:



The empty aramors live in a dream-like state, out of time. They are individuals, not sharing one mind. For those who wake up, it's like a switch is being activated, that brings self-conscience and an 'existence in time'. Time gets to be relevant, also because in such an awakened state, the armors learn, much from mimicking. Thinking develops, and the one great question - why do I exist? - appears. Unlike humans, though, aramors can get back into the dream-like state. They find it easy to understand humans - their way of defending (creating an armour for a weak body) is easy to relate to, as opposed to creatures who defend in another way.


Empty aramors seem to clut around mp3s, the next stage of growth...like they're attracted to that. Thay also lose the creatures that are killed in battle, which makes one think they can't control them at all. Abra said it doesn't understand the nature of aramors (the creatures), so I assume...empty aramors can be given creatures, without being awakened!!

I read that some people wanted to help them get out of GG, awaken them etc...What I want is to give them creatures once they are empty. The reason is simple: to make them continue being the useful training dummys they are. I realize that sounds like an offense to the people with noble goals, but until you get a solution to 'free' the aramors...shove it. Besides, I just want to use them, I'm not harming anything.

So...anyone have an idea as to how such a feat can be accomplished? I was never interested in this, so I don't have much knowledge about it, which means I'm willing to listen to ANY idea. Besides, with GG being empty and all, all experiments are not going to cause damage to anyone (except if you actually awaken the aramors and they develop hate towards us...but they'd have to learn hate, and then have their hate aimed at us - little chance of that).

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2 hours ago, Ungod said:

..but they'd have to learn hate, and then have their hate aimed at us - little chance of that

This is one of those "what could possibly go wrong" things isn't it. (which ofc doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't try ;)  )

As a side note. There was an attempt once to "transfer" a shade into an empty aramor. But I believe there were some obstacles that couldn't be overcome.

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(It's not fun being told its not possible)

But, there's a question - were the empty aramors born with the crits, did they acquire them or did they receive them? Because if its the last, then there is a possibility

edit: although devoid of will and purpose, they still seem to manifest a desire to advance (I'm saying it because they flock to MP3s, who are next in line after mp2); they also feel some sort of fear and have maybe some memory (since they run away from people who beat them up). Their use of creatures must be instinctive, so maybe giving them a totem might work...

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in my eyes its a HUGE no. wayyyyy too abusable on one hand you'll have people throwing things in them left and right so their friends or alts and have continual crits. 2 can create farming dummies for unlimited nondamage wins if the right crits get donated. 3 you'll have MIQ and the like throwing in stuff like sanatas that regen to try and cap mp3s.

and thats in the 1 minute of after reading this topic let alone sitting and thinking of ways to use it to my advantage lol

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Well, there's nothing like a player with a will and purpose to make combat easier (and so much harderat the same time). I guess bashing puppets who lost that will is not ok...after all, combat is a clash of wills, and a learning experience (opposed to learning from looking at yourself). Maybe that's the whole purpose of them - to see that there's judt this much to learn from a shell.

Been bothered by something, though: i heard there' some connection between empty aramors and shades...just like shades in NC maintaon the balance, so do aramors. But, i think tiny men were brought out to balance a reality which the empty aramors created in GG. So, empty aramors _can_ be 'freed'. Or not?

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