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Christmas play


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How about a play, huh? This time, I'd like teams to roleplay an event/series of events from the AL. History can be...distorted a little, if it makes it all funnier. I cannot ennumerate the rewards, but I'll add details later...the problem with this is that as far as teamwork is concerned, it might be hard to get people online at the same time...so maybe you can decide on a day yourselves and act, then record with acousticremains and post it here.

We'll see. For now, if you'd like to bring some history back (or in a new light), make a plan!

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Actually, role playing the AL is not that fun. Why would you role-play something that was already "played"?

I would like more to see a quest similar to what Nimmy did 2 years ago (I think) with the murder mystery dinner - i think it was a dinner...murder...mystery :D ( cannot find the link right now): assigned roles to players and few guidelines, we RPed and in the end we were also asked to find the murderer. It was awesome!

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Unfortunately, I cannot create something like Nimrodel's. Not right now, at least. All I could comep up with is a dinner with the following characters:



Grandma - clueless, operates on a level of how things should be: parents should be loving, children should be upright and obedient, there's nothing wrong with her family, no weird characters, her cooking if loved by ALL etc
        - because of this, she ignores the character of people, their likes and dislikes, and, even when meaning well, her actions and advice just make a bad situation worse
        - will defend people who praise her cooking
Grandpa - 'in my time...'; religious, has a golden cross around his neck; doesn't like to be interrupted, gets often in bouts with grandma; very particular about seat placing, enforcing rank and order
        - likes the indecisive guy, moslty because believes he is a woman conqueror, a real man
        - opens bottles and distributes alcohol

name - unmarried, looking for the gentle and generous, but strong and smart man, old-ish; watches everyone and jumps in, trying to appease everyone when she senses conflicts; detests rednecks and vulgar expressions; sits at the right side of grandma, helping her with dinner
     - doesn't drink, but when she does, she becomes very clumsy

name - party pooper, feels great when ruining other people's fun; that's because he is socially incapable of the hypocrisy that allows you to get close to people and 'get' things; creates conflicts out of nowhere or adds fuel to the fire
     - envious of the indecisive guy for his looks, is often in cahoots with the redneck, disses the conflict-stopper woman
     - cannot eat meat, because he is a vegetarian, flips when he eats something like egg or ham

name - indecisive; lives with an older woman, who gave up hope of him asking her hand, but hopes he will get the will to settle someday; rather handsome, he was asked by guys to come to their house...
     - lactose intolerant, allergic to eggs, nuts and flowers

name - the ultimate redneck; no table manners - wait, no manners at all; farts and belches in your face, laughing after; his speech is filled with vulgarities; his dressing code is a stained t-shirt; he doesn't give a shit about others, but, as an endearing fact, he doesn't give a shit about himself as well; a pig, overjoyed at the sheer mentioning of food; still, one who knows that he must also give to get, and that's why some hapless women stay around him (including his mother)

name - you know those Marvel heroes who get bitten by radiated creeps and get superpowers? it's the same with this guy, only that he got bit by a vampiric bat at the zoo, when he stretched his hand to pet it...so he became a quarter of a vampire; he can levitate a little if he swings his arms wildly; does drink blood, but cannot stand the sight of his own blood; the blood he drinks is usually diluted, and not human; not interested in food, weak to garlic and crosses
     - as a vampire, he is what we'd call 'a failure';
things aren't brighter when we refer to him as a man: old, weak character, sleeps a lot during the day, has 0 drive to do anything
     - get stupidly drunk on tiny amount of alcohol, then makes passes at women, asking for their blood
name - retired colonel, rambles all day about the army and how great those years were, disses youngsters who don't know a duck's shit about life, promotes enrolling and fighting with your knuckles, drying your sweat in the sun while carrying 20kg backpacks;
     - his stories are long and boring, his attitude is aggravating, and he often needs to be calmed down (which his wife manages with the aid of a pan); has a habit of sleepwalking
     - wants to be at one end of the table, becomes really cheerful with a glass of wine in his face

santa - whether he is The Santa or a guy paid by grand MA and PA, we don't know; what we know is that he eats a lot, reeks of booze and finds it difficult to stand up; knows what everyone likes and has the presents ready, too bad he confuses the gifts and the receivers(could it be that he's drunk??)

table - rectangular; how grandpa envisions it: him at and end, and the indecisive guy at the other, grandma and her helper to his right, and if possible women at his left

meal courses: first serving - eggrolls, pea salad, fish, steak garnished with garlic, chicken chops, lettuce, tomato salad, potato salad, cheesepie, olives, boiled broccoli, peanuts and hazelnuts
              second serving - fruits, pheasant, pig ears, pig brain; chicken liver and heart, mushroom and peperoni on grill; roasted chestnuts
              third serving - pies, cakes and cookies

drinks: red and white wine, home made beer, whisky, coffee, juice 


I can come up with more characters if needed. However, I'll make a poll and let you decide which one you'd like to be part of.

Edit: can I make a poll in the topic, now that it has been created? Cannot see a button around here...

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