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Masks and characters

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In a few hours' time I'll give the start for the contest, I am announcing it so you can be prepared (it being a speed contest).

The task is to find out 10 MD characters' name, by looking at masks. How so? Each of the masks below is decorated and each decoration has a coresponding letter (from the english alphabet). Once you garher all the letters of a mask, you must form the word.  Also, each of the letter has a corresponding mini riddle - example:  letter J would be named 'a cane' (all our letters were drawings/ideograms at first, so look attentively).

Send the answers via forum pm. This is a speed contest, with the first two who make out all the names getting an anniv creature.

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Eye 'bags' - a pencil's top

Extra set of teeth - a snake

Third eye - a ladder

Arrow piercing - a line taking a 90 degrees

Love in its eyes - zorro sign

13 in its eyes - levitating over a pole

Double nose - bow with no arrow

Small moustache - a caterpillar in motion

Big moustache - a pipe

Earring - a shoe

Nose pierce - half of a 4-leaf clover

Wrinkles - more than half of an hourglass

Hair ( two hairs) - potential raisin...missing top

Cheeks - tau cross

Colored eyes - coiled rope

Alternately colored teeth - a lizard's mouth

Eyebrows - a cave's mouth

This is bound to give you troubles, but visualize! 

Extra hint: there are two names of four letters and two of five.

And now, the masks:



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This contest left me dreading because of the ugliness of my masks, so i decided some time later i'll go for better decorations and better masks. That's not gonna happen, though, because i'm too lazy.

Basically, I wanted to do japanese masks, but while brainstorming, russian dolls came to mind. So i wanted to do that, got some decorations in mind, but i freaked out when i saw how much there is to draw. So i'll post here a template, if some hardworking player wants to work, you can do it! Just come up with riddles for the letter and start drawing. Here are the decorations (a,b,c...x,y,z):

Apples.cherry branch.butterfly.spider.bee.flames.eyebrows.hair.sun.'necktie'.double meander.firtree.zigzag.grapes.flower brooch.meander.cheecks.moon.snail.chick.bell flowers.leaves.flower.tulip.berries.chrisantemum.

It can get very artistic - occupying space is interesting. Here are some teasers, MB themed. A shoot is used for a repeating letter sometimes (for example, rikstar will have the 'r' decoration and a shoot - just to make it more difficult).

Cant frickin upload. Oh well

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If it helps at all, I thought the masks looked good for their purpose, perhaps if they were more complicated I'd be too overwhelmed to even try to decode them!

Cool, creative quest, was fun to try out at least, if only those ladies didn't beat me to it so fast :P

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