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The Oak Moon

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Apparently, the word 'druid' is related to 'door'; as such, a druid would be either a gate-keeper or one who opens doors...can someone confirm the etymology?

If so, the 'keys' would be magic formulae and incantations, and so I got to thinking of compiling a tome of such keys for use in rituals. Such formulas always occult some kind of knowledge.

So that's the task. Create magical incantations (it's usually verse, which translates to 'rhytm' more than 'rhyme'). Deadline is 'till next Sunday.

If there are enough, we can compile a tome. The selection process will be supervised by Loreroot elders. Each accepted formula will get you silver, while the best ones have a chance at anniv creatures, gold and spellstones.


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I only received a few, and the ones selected were:


Trees, grass, leaves and Loreroot stones,

summon right now the might hailstorms *


When you find Wasp's Totem locked,

All you need to do is knock*


Milimett, dolibett, loretrett,

Eons ago we have met

Milimee, dolibee, loretree,

Through times and times travel with me.

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