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Do you know how memory stones turn into stone tablet?


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Um...I created the new form for the stone tablet combiner in Loreroot recently, but I’m not sure about how memory stones turn into stone tablet, so can you guys share some thoughts and ideas with me? or which one do you prefer?
Here are my concept ref & sketches of the Stone Tablet:
A) Break the memory stones completely and pour into a mold to form its final shape with the power of the combiner. You can carve spell/text on the flat surface just like a traditional stone tablet.

B) Crush the stones into small pieces and make it like a gravel mosaic, similar to Dhyone’s idea.

C) Melt the stones(with heat?) and squash them into one single stone tablet, but you can still roughly see the shapes of memory stones!(20 of them)

or just tell me if you have some cool ideas pls~

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B, for sure!  ????

In my conception the mosaic pattern would use the user's subconscious forces to accumulate the magical energies, thus making it easier to retrieve the memories of  the memory stones and putting them all together into one object.

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All of them look good, but to me the 1st one makes more sense.

I see that stone tablet easier to carry... The piece of mosaic reminds me of the 20Kg tiles I use on the balcony to keep my beach umbrella steady (not exactly portable)...

Anyway, it's so nice to see the thoughts behind your artworks Sushi, keep them coming!

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