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Principles - How should we use them?


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Principles is something that is more removed from the game now, but it shouldnt be!

How do you think we should be able to attain principles?

What else would you make them used for?

Are they useless? Should we just remove them? (no :P)

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I have attempted to summarise of some ideas in these two threads of discussion (herewith for reference).

Principles, I believe, should be freely chosen as those that resonate most strongly with the role of thine character; presently, it seems there were an "optimal" choice of principle in regard to tokens, which were their only current purpose; which I should like to discourage. However, I should think that there should be some token effort to obtain them; my suggestion had been to place of clickable scrolls scattered throughout the realm, so that those who wish to obtain them must first read and attempt to understand of them, and also to travel to a locale that doth resonate with the principle in question.


Of their use - to do so should require their mutability - that one may gain but also lose of points thereof. Such may be spent on augmentation of spells, armour, statistic, or other creation. One may even consider of learning spells through some combination of mastery of principles.




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14 hours ago, Sunfire said:

Id rather say casting costs principle points.

Principles are treated like a resource, with size and limits. But, even if you choose 3 or 4 or 5 or 6, it's not like the other principles do not exist anymore. Only your character is limited (to observing how some of them work and try to apply them in your spellcasting or be guided by them). 

Maybe principles should have no limit, but their use should (say, the system only applies a max value of 4000 per token effect, even if you have 11700 darkness). 

I think casting a spell is observing the principle application, using it, living by it,  therefore it should make you gain instead of lose. Casting a spell which obeys another principle should make you lose principle size, because it makes you confuse, it weakens your attitude. Casting enough spells that obey the darkness principle can eventually cancel your light principle and make you able to start another. 

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