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Live Help Operators - Opinions


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4 hours ago, Chewett said:

Initially I was thinking to make them the gateway guardians, but I dont really like that idea anymore.

Maybe we bring back RPC's? More leaning towards that for now.

Although further company were certainly appreciated upon the Island of the Gateway, presently I believe that betwixt the guardians there were sufficient presence, and guidance, for those newly arrived.

Certainly I feel the role of the Gateway Guardian and that of the Live Help Operator were so similar that they may as well be the same group; the main difference were that of location, and nothing more. If one uses the Paper Cabin as an example, a Gateway Guardian upon the Dock Path were as a Live Help Operator stationed upon the Paper Cabin, in times of yore, and I certainly feel that once one mentors of a newling, they do oft ask of the Guardian for guidance, even whilst upon the main-land (at least, this were true in my recent experience).

As such roles are so similar as to be one and the same; merely with different stations; instead of sending the existing Operators to the Island, I would suggest to merely grant the LHO status and tools to those who presently guide those upon the Island; 
if one must add further LHOs, this would be where I would suggest to start.

(I am aware that I may have a vested interest in this, but I feel that this should not tarnish of this suggestion.)

Of RPCs - I believe this title, and role, to be quite separate from the Live Help Operators, if my understanding were sufficient; an RPC's role were to create of a role-playing environment, to offer of activities and quests for the enjoyment of those within the realm who choose to partake, or merely for those who enjoy of interaction within role-play within the realm to do so in the context of a special character. I know not if the current populace (in terms of number) would support the return of many RPCs, similarly to the thought that the current populace shall only support a very limited number of the Sixth Mind-Power.

While some of the realm may indeed be worthy to become both a Live Help Operator and a Role-Playing Character, I maintain that they are quite separate in scope. Certainly, upon the Island, the Guardians do attempt and encourage of role-play, but this were in an introductory measure, rather than the depth I would think required of a Role-Playing Character.

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The problem is that LHO only have a limited idea of what goes on at gateway. Perhap allow them to spend some time there, then you can cluster them. As for RPC it depends on what meaning you want to give that title

I never met Jonn unfortunately but i can be a new Grido, i've been lho for a few years but my availability makes it unwise to become one again. But I can work behind the curtains to make things work smoothly.

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I'll try to keep it short and to the point:

Gateway Guardians, RPCs and LHOs can (and IMO should) be different titles which a player may or may not hold multiple of. 

Gateway Guardians are like guides for new players, to introduce them into MD's universe from a lore and atmospheric perspective, as well as mechanics.

LHOs in my mind were always like little helpers, people who could help you if the game did an oopsie on you (also fitting of the spells they get given)

RPCs were established characters, players who became part of MD more than anyone else, but not necessarily related to the Gateway island.


TL:DR - I don't think we should mix those 3 responsibilities into a single one, but players should be allowed to hold multiple of them if they can consistently manage them well. If anything, I think LHO should become a very official and strict title - a professional responsibility. More like an OOC title rather than anything that holds lore value in-game. Likewise, I don't think we should bind RPCs to the Gateway Island only, especially since at the moment it's pretty much closed to most of the playerbase (I think it's still inaccessible to old players?)

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