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Of Empty Heat-Stones

Aia del Mana

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I do note that there do exist some heat stones which do not function as intended.

This anomaly I did note in the presence of Azull, just prior to server time 10:20 on May 23 (Day 142, Year 14):


Upon their use, I did find that I had not gained any casts of spells; merely a new line within the spell-interface:


I believe these heat-stones to have been created upon the Island of the Gateway, with stones obtained using the Memory Stone Detector, although I cannot confirm this (another may have granted me these stones). However, I also do confirm that there are other stones created upon this Island which did function as intended.

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13 minutes ago, Chewett said:

Did you make the stones? If so do you have the item id of another heat stone?

I believe I did, although I recall that another being did pass two of them to myself in the past. I cannot recall precisely which stones were created upon the Island; I believe I have made at least three.

I do not possess of further heat-stones, but I am creating another upon the island presently, that I may replicate of this anomaly again.

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It appears that I cannot recreate this anomaly when using stones obtained from the Heat Solidifier.

Indeed, when there had been a single stone that did function as intended, the "o" spell did disappear, and the casts of the Heat spell did increase as intended.

I presently create of a heat stone upon the Island of the Gateway; when this were ready, I shall test this anew.

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Ah, the anomaly has been re-produced. One merely needst create a Heat Stone upon the Island of the Gateway from a Memory Stone collected with a Memory Stone Detector - this results in the above bug.

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