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Auction super rare usable item - Timeless Transfer Enclosure 

Muratus del Mur

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New interface will allow transfering of creatures without severely reducing their age and other penalties , if paying the price of one Silver Coin per such transfer.

There is an other way to transfer crits without penalty, without the receiver to need any coins (great for quest rewards, gifts, etc). This is by "MagicCTC". If the word "MAGIC" is present in the CTC, no penalty is applied.

This auction is for item: [QM] Timeless Transfer Enclosure 

Description: Can enclose a creature in a timeless protective shell to allow it to be transfered without losing any information. (Magic CTC)

This item can be used every ~2.7 hours to 

Item can be traded/trasfered


So now this functionality costs 1 silver per creature, silver that needs to be paid by the receiver. It might not be a gold mine, but its still valuable. Your services using this item cold be priced per bulk, or use it for creating penalty free transfer codes, or for personal unlimited use so you won;t have to pay for this feature ever.
I might increase the 1 silver cost of the interface, or make it variable based on creature, i am not sure yet but its possible, but for now consder this minimum price of 1 silver pe trasfer when estimating the value of this item.


You receive the item, with UNLIMITED use, and a role tag of your choice that needs to be fit a related role (something related to creatures, transfers, trading, be creative but not delusional)


It comes with one restriction, you are not supposed to offer such services for free without reasoning, that would disrupt the other hardcoded feature. You can use it for all your creatures, or use it for any creatures meant to be quest rewards, or charge something for using it (anything at all, you decide), or impose some sort of rules on when or on what you use it, just don't start magicctc-ing random crits every 3 hours for anyone asking, or i will be forced to increase this timelimit to much higher.


Please note that the cost for penalty-free transfers in the interface, and the reuse interval of this item , could change without further notice. 


Let the auction begin.

Accepting gold, silver (15 silver per 1 gold) and tickets (1 tst = 15 gold here)



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