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So it appears that making creatures into totems is a thing now. I personally am confused in such a use other than to make space for more critters other than sacrificing, but I'm not that brilliant. So I apparently require timeless dust for the process which comes(sometimes) from using spells. Im not sure if its from temporary or permanent spells so its guess work. Either way I be willing to pay for the spells. I'd be happy if I got permanents but I can't push my luck for such things. I also realise I could JUST buy timeless dust....but I wanna do magic *shrug*


Anyways name the spells you be selling, what they do and make an offer.

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If you can manage to provide me memory stones I will give you my locate spell imprinted upon them free of charge, that applies to you and everyone else.

This spell has been sitting pretty since my days as a treasure keeper, I used it to help me find the people I needed to reward, but after the addition of the online list and map dot locations it has slowly grown to be more or less useless. That's not to say I don't want the spell anymore but if it was to be removed I'd happily allocate that wish elsewhere.

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Also of note, my dear new and upcoming magic user, is that Stone Tablets can Store any level of any spell with 1 or more charges left.

I won't ruin all the fun for you but I will say this. Stone Tablets can be made once Illusions are Lifted and you're welcome among the Leaves @Zetsuei

(I'd help more myself, but only Miq and a few select others can reach the GG Lab that has the tools you'd need to further this goal, best of luck :3)

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