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MP8 players on the map?


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Agreed, A25 being shown as MP8 could be seen as misleading. Unless, it is part of the great plan that all players should strive to reach this level.

also, in lieu of LHOs, this being present on map means they are more likely to be distracted from using those selfsame A25 tools, but perhaps could be conversed with by players who need help, such as new players

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It was intentional,

the reasons might not be that clear, but from my point of view, i consider mp8 (and mp1) at the extreme parts of the mp range. Mp1 is for things as integrated as possible, such as story related roles, and should be npc too, and mp7 the last usable mo level..and mp8, being the last mp level, i thought it fits for a25 that technically have god-like powers. 

Having these actual mp levels is not possible because they need to be at whatever mp level then need when they need, for integrating quests, or just playing their character. Same goes for what i consider mp1 but its not technically mp1 in-game.

Most of what is done by me in MD is made based on more instinct than logic..so i do have my reasons why i put mp8 on the map for a25, but i admit they might not make sense for others. 

You can consider this an other "bug", because eventually i will change it to something else..but for me is like a landmark, such small things remind me of my path ans intentions  when coding things in md.


Hope this makes some things clear


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