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A creature's use

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I recently found myself telling someone ''Learn from this experience; get in the right state of mind to deal with it, then remember this state of mind and apply it whenever you are in similar circumstances.''

This is, according to Mur, what creatures in MagicDuel are - states of mind to master and use. When you're dealing with kids, for example, you must have a certain approach; when you're going to work, you also 'set' yourself in a certain way (can't say this, can't say that, we smile here, we shout here etc).

The task of this quest is to grab 3 MD creatures, explain in a few lines what state of mind (you think) they represent and then give examples where you have used such creatures (nothing too specific, of course).  You can post it here or send it to me by forum PM; you have until the end of the anniversary. The reward will be... knowledge. There's a certain someone who will provide accurate ''canon'' information on a creature or two if you entry is deemed worthy.

Good luck!

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I’m not really wholly sure I understand the terms. Could you do an example about a creature most or none have? Like the Minotaur? Or darkling?


Nevermind, upon further meditation it seems your already-provides examples prove sufficient to extrapolate further items from.

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Nevermind, I read it again and found due date.

Grasan-dumb vitriol or blind rage. I feel as though this creature is the primordial anger that one uses when something hurts you to the core. This is symbolized by it's haotic damage. It only focuses on 'other' hitting anything. It doesn't matter exactly how hard it hits, just that it hits. This has happened when I've felt so hurt I didn't know what to do.

Water Being- I feel like this is the creature that symbolizes kindness, sympathy, but not empathy. If I'm not mistaken, this is because the Water Being, unlike the Barren Soul, turn into the Medusa, able to steal from others what it at first gave. It is the manipulative aspect of self in many ways. It may not be intentional in its usage, but sometimes, that pity or sympathy merely stands as another cog in the machine to keep the situation the way it is. I feel like I use this frame of mind everytime I don't fully listen to someone, when I just give surface-level attention, not actually attempting to empathize, merely to sympathize. 

Remains: This creature is mood when you give of yourself. When you self-sacrifice. It is when compassion is shown, when something is given at the detriment or loss to the self. I think this mindset is the one undertaken by all of those who have had hurt inflicted on them, but choose to use that hurt to help others rather than lash out. As a learning experience. I feel like I have used this mindset when I meet with some of the clients that I work with.


Eh, my answers aren't very relevant to many, the first 2 are closer to what I think than the remains one. I don't know enough about creatures to make better entries. Sorry Ungod.

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Angien: mercy. to give before to take.

Aramor: humble and... parenting. aramor is empty at the very beginning and fill with the spirit of its master. It's quite similar to the kids born without any knowledge about the world but we parents fill with.

Heretic archer:  introspection. full of hatred and anger at the beginning, the more he understand about himself, the more powerful and loyal he becomes. 

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Unholy Pope - this were a representation of blind faith, much as the description states (consider that this is what I had thought of it when writing the description). It doth represent a powerful doggedness to believe in one's purpose, even if the odds are far against. I note that it is used well in rituals that intend to win - the implicit trust were that one who observes the priests within the ritual will subsequently grant them wins, rather than destroying of said ritual.


Angien - This doth remind myself of selflessness, and the intricate balance betwixt giving of oneself and doing so to her own detriment. One observes it in combat - if it hath excess vitality, then it may use its ability at this cost, but if it were deplete of the same, then its attempt merely results in harming itself. Thus were it a metaphor for one's generosity in life, in terms of giving of one's time and committments - a healthy level of giving shall be appropriate, but over-extension were harmful, and one needst learn to respect one's limits.


Snowman - This were reminiscent of fickleness; that which may curse one with indecision. An annual change during melting-season doth illustrate of this, and the paralysis of indecision were akin to its combat-aura. To choose without committment may serve its purpose in some circumstances, but it shall oft prevent one from greater attainment.

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