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Gift of the lake

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Remember Slotsh

Well, he got in trouble again. As we all know, strange ladies lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a monarchy system...but they do exist. Slotsh prayed night and day in front of the Angien Lake for something. I don't know what that something was, but one day a 'thing' was washed ashore. It's a...a...a magical thing, as Slotsh found out. This object cannot be approached recklessly, as it bites - from the front, from the rear, and stabs with its horns from the middle. The bite is strong enough to break iron. Pushing it away is also a no go, because it apparently weighs at least a TON. Now if the new king finds out what happened, Slotsh is in for it.

Your task is to aid the poor fool, by providing a mechanical solution. Remember, he is extremely weak at magic, but he has an impressive stash of junk - parts, metal scraps, wood, stone etc Just make sure that thing can be either thrown back into the lake, or hidden somewhere outside Marind Bell. 

Describe your idea, draw it (adding the year and MD), attach it to your post and send it to me (or post in this thread). You have to take into account the weight of the thing, the difficulty of approaching it and, if you plan on building something megalithic, where the materials can be found. Slosth has a small allowance, after all.

This is 'the thing':

Chimera.jpg.c7d73547ce8392c1e0d4fbb80efab7d7.jpgNow, you have 2 weeks to end your entry, but it's gonna be worth it: a WP for best entry (if it meets quality check), anniversary barrens (if more participate, more will be distributed), spellstones (such as acousticremains), LR archers and maybe a drach...well, there are plenty of rewards, but it all depends on how many participate and how good your solutions are.

Help Slotsh!

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In truth, I had not looked at your link before drawing out my idea, so I apologise for using a wheel mechanism. As I have realised too late, I am submitting my entry but am not expecting any rewards :) 



Gift of the lake

Stage one: The Calmening

Well, the first thing Slotsh needs to do is secure the beast so that it may not attack anyone. I believe, there may be found a large fishnet and blankets in inventories. I would suggest securing several blankets together to be thrown or raised over to cover the beast’s head that it may not bite. Then, once that is done and the beast cannot see, throw the large fishnet over its torso and secure it carefully so its moving parts may not attack and ensuring it is done compassionately so as not to cause the beast pain.

Now the creature may be calmed further by employing a bard to play music while Slotsh creates the necessary machinery to move the best entire.

Stage two: the inventivening:

Now Slotsh needs to find the following:

20 large sturdy planks of Beech Wood

8 tall, sturdy wooden logs

Box of Iron Nails


Any substantial sturdy rope available

60 Iron Bars

A forge

An anvil

8 pillows

Long branch

20 sticky goop

Then, he needs to start at a point between the beast and the water. Quickly clearing a patch of earth eight metres by eight metres, he must four large equal length logs into the corners to form a base. The use some of the planks to build a platform on top.

Using more of the planks, build as though two sides of a pyramid on top, so that if you stand with your back to the lake, you can see the creature clearly.

Build a ramp on the lake side from the platform until the water. Then use some of the iron and wood to build a wooden vehicle that has wheels at the base and put it carefully at the top of the ramp.

Building a large wheel as the basis of a basic winch pulley mechanism, thread through the sturdy rope.

Craft two large iron claws, that when tied and enclosed on a structure may clamp together and hold the structure safely. Put pillows over the claws so that the creature may not be harmed.


Stage Three: The Pushening

Slotsh must now gather some strong and loyal Marind Bell citizens to help him at two points.

The first point is, when Slotsh has secured the clamp over the covered creature, his comrades will pull on the rope, activating the winch pulley system so that the creature is lifted and can be grabbed and gently swung onto the wheeled vehicle on the platform created earlier.

The second point is having strong people on the platform to push the creature, now on the vehicle, onto the ramp, so that the creature slides back into the water from whence it came.



Slotsh must now pray to the ladies of the lake to free the creature of its binding so that it may come to no harm.


By the time His Royal Highness, the great and wonderful wookie, Chewett happens by, the platform can be disguised as a Royal stand upon which Chewett can sit and watch a jousting celebration in his honour for his recent coronation.



Edited by Clair de Lune
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I will post the other two entries, as the quest has now ended.




As a proposition to assist schlost with his issue at hand, I do propose three different solutions. (I only drew a solution for the first one, the second and third just came to me).

the first two solutions require the principle of the elements at work. In this scenario: erosion.

The first solution Is for Schlost to build a giant paddle and winch set-up. He builds a giant paddle that sits in the lake. He articially creates incredibly frequent and violent tides by winding up the winch to push the paddle back, then letting go to violently bring the paddle forward. This pushes the lake water towards the statue, thereby eroding the soil between the lake and the statue. When sufficiently eroded, Schlost can use a giant,very long, prodding rod that he made to push the statue down the slope he created. It won't need a lot of force because the support under the statue is weakened, making Gravity be the main provider of impetus in this scenario. (see attached for sketch)



The second option would be far better and much more expedient for schlost. The only issue is I don't know what he has to make items with (based on your post he could literally make anything). I propose that schlost does make a water pump, one that can create such pressure as to be unto a pressure washer. This pressure washer, perhaps coupled with the articial tide-maker he created above to expedite matters, would allow him to erode, or wash-away the very land that the statue sits upon. This would allow schlost to either have the statue sink a sufficient amount that he could then bury it (in whole or in part, perhaps enough to neutralize all of the heads, to then build some super structure over the statue). Buy lowering the statue, perhaps he could render the statue hidden by virtue of being under water. The land CAN change in MD, sometimes slowly, sometimes now.



The 3rd solution would be for schlost to build a structure big enough to be placed over the entirety of the statue. Thereby creating a stage (he would obviously make the stage strong enough and high enough that the stage would be impervious to any efforts from the ram's head of the manticore). He would then make this superstructure or stage into his newest venture: Schlost's stage of miraculous performances! He can then finally become useful and fulfilled by becoming the scene and set artist for this newly-created theatrical enterprise. Making himself valuable to society by utilizing his skills in a manner that helps him and the community at large.





schlost erosion.png

The other one is:




A monumental challenge! My solution is one that would require a lot of labor, but luckily, requires simple tools.

Let's start with the introduction. My goal is to lower the "thing" to a heavy duty raft, one that could withstand the weight of the "thing", and use buoyancy to move it to the lake.

The following tools would be needed:

  1. A sturdy shovel
  2. Strong rods, metallic or even wooden (bamboo) would do.
  3. A long "drill" rod
  4. Logs, strong but light, suitable for a raft
  5. Water-proof barrels, of large volume
  6. A net made from fine, sturdy ropes
  7. Some more sturdy ropes
  8. Two stone/wooden long columns, sturdy and big, that can be buried as anchors
  9. A simple, mechanical pump
  10. A bucket, to aid in transferring water, and soften the soil when necessary

The steps needed would be as follow:

  • One would need to do lots of earth work, building a huge dam, that extends into the river. This should cover a long area into the river, but not necessarily wide, enough to keep the "thing" from a safety distance:


  • Next, the area towards the river should be excavated, creating a deep, wide trench, enough to fit the float.



  • The reinforcement rods would then need to be inserted in an inclined angle. To do so, the drill rod would be inserted and rotated, slowly removing the soil. The rods would then be inserted:


  • We now need to install the net. The net serves as a way to slowly lower the thing, holding it in place once we start removing the soil beneath the thing


  • We then remove the soil, slowly, aided with water, until an inclination is created and the thing slowly moved down and put tension to the net. As the net remains still, it should not attract any aggression from the thing, on top of it sliding towards the lake


  • Now, we need to make our raft. Simply tying the logs together with strong ropes, and tie the four barrels beneath it


  • We then re-excavate the trench as necessary, enough to place our raft in there. Continue to remove soil, increasing the inclination, and use the net to slowly lower the thing on top of the raft


  • Do more encircling earthen work as necessary, and then we can start filling this "fortress" with water. The buoyancy created will lift the raft, and the thing on top of it, upward. Further excavation into the riverbed may be necessary, but our final goal is to break the dam, and pull the raft into the water


  • The raft system can finally be pulled to the middle of the lake, the ropes then cut, and the thing would sink beneath the waves. Retrieve the logs and barrels, remove the earth work, and you're done.


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  • 4 weeks later...

The rewards have been distributed (no WP), unfortunately Demonic God decided to go M.I.A. and so I don't know if he'll (ever) get the prizes.

Thank you for participating, I want you to know a veil of mist covered Marind Bell and Ailith, Steno and Demonic God managed to work out a solution under Slotsh's guidance. For now, crisis averted.

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