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WTT tutorial shade


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Want To Trade a tutorial shade for one of the following:

Independent herb basket

Permanent kill tool

Wind Ward documents

Stored Heat 688967
Age 2853
Tokens Claw I

This is not an auction and I maintain the right to deny any offers.

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Technically a "shade" but the distinction is that they are the kind you will find in the old tutorial in NML, not ones you can find in Necrovion which would also be generally called shades or from a certain creature recruiter which are sword shades.

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Okay, 2 shades are going up for auction.  I have 4 interested parties so far.  Best two offers will get a shade.

Older one, 3577 has goldbelt and blooddrop1.

Younger is 3420 days with stardust token.

I am not interest in money, instead looking for interesting creatures and shop items, or custom items.

What attracts Fyrd?  Critters that are fun, festive.  I have a Santa and a snowball already.  And an Anni and several jokers, being one myself.

Items that fit any of the following categories: archives book-stuff, notes maps etc, paper objects, anything preserved in an unusual way, anything in a bottle, or anything useful for cooking/pickling stuff.  Presumably we're talking multiple items.

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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