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Eat your vegetables


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I'm writing this post because I assume some of you don't know this stuff, and it's educational and all, so why not.

I was reading a book today and I stumbled across ''chard'', and I didn't know what that is, so I looked it up. It's basically beet leaves, which is something I do know about. But since in the book chard was so lauded, I was baffled. From my previous research, the leaves of Amaranthea family contain oxalates, so why would you eat them (unless you had no other choice)? Whether it's spinach, beet or amaranth, the leaves will frickin' kill your kidneys if you eat a lot of those. Boiling them might take some oxalates out, but you still get the Ca binding ones, so don't. Spinach is lauded as a great source of Ca - yeah, but none of that enters your body. In fact, due to oxalates, your body loses Ca. Have fun with arthritis, joint pains and weak bones in general. And kidney stones, too.

So I googled something like 'oxalates in chard' and stumbled across a blog called carnivorous aurelius (lol), which is advertising...eating meat. Yeah, maybe eating spinach won't make you Popeye, but meat comes with its own set of problems. I mean, nothing is disadvantage-free. But, well, the guy's gotta sell dried beef liver, so...

Anyway, pay attention to what vegetables you eat, what vegetables you feed your kid and remember: nobody wants to be eaten.

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