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How do I make my role public?



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Imagine you are on a remote island isolated from the rest of the world, and there are a bunch of other people around too. Unlike in real life, on this island you can not be harmed for real, and you have nothing to lose. You do have things to gain though if you interact with the others, but nothing is really mandatory to do.

You role is 'public' from day one, and first impression about who you might be is your playername and the way you talk. Before you make your role known, your role will be noticed by the other participants of this fantasy. Participate in all things you can participate, let people notice you and see your skills and abilities, but most of all your character. Be it that you are an uprising villain or a sensitive lady, this is not really something you get to decide, but the others get to notice.

You have personal papers you can write on your profile (you can find them in the Archives on mainland , or on icons on your detail view when you click your playername in chat). These help a lot to tell the general public in what direction you are moving and what you attempt to be. 


One terrible mistake one can do is being undecided about who they are, but this is a paradox, because you can not know who you are until you know who you are. Don't worry, if you are active , you will become public naturally. Its more important how you will be known by others, not when. I hope this place will help you find who your character is and in turn, to find out, how much of this character you are. 


Oh oh, and i nearly forgot one of the most important aspects of this community. Respect other players, and they will show you respect in return. This, plus being active and involved, are the foundation of anything you wish to build with your role.

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There are many ways for a player to make their role public. This usually will involve some level of role-play as the character in question, but it is also useful to write a description of your character in your papers. Simply acting as your character in scenes with other players is a reasonable start. Note that role-play is not a one-way avenue - a role is significantly easier to recognise if other players also acknowledge this role. This means that it is often much harder (and usually less well advised) to create a character of great power; it is easier to have other players acknowledge your character if they are interesting to interact with, or have particular quirks about them.

For detailed role descriptions, new players can receive their papers in the Indexed Room of Memories - speak to the Librarian at the desk, who will provide the ability to create and edit them without charge. It is possible to edit these as many times as is necessary, and this is usually advised as one's role grows and develops.

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